some pictures

my time is limited these days.
between the holidays, MP, and all the other fun stuff in between, it's no wonder my naps are few and far between... hehhhe.

only a few days left on the Mandarin Pixie sale!
check it out... all the 'old' stamps are on sale, and the new stamps are fun fun fun!!
(and don't be shy... spread the word!! i had orders to Montana, and North Dakota this week!! FUN!!)

wanted to share a few pics before the next week slips me by.
baby Fin pics are coming soon :) (those pics get their own post)
all is well... and Fin is a bit on the 'big' side. imagine that :)

now for the pictures...

daddy's alumni hockey game :)
love going to these. reminds me of our dating years :)
and as lilly says "hi stinky daddy"

dancing with her new 'ipod' and princess phone from grandma and grandpa h.
she hasnt quite put either of these down.

setting out cookies for santa with aunt melissa.
i forget the exact wording of lilly's letter... something like, "here's some cookies. it's sugar." yep, pretty much. good stuff.

christmas morning at my parents.
although the amount of gifts is a bit amazing, we were mostly glad to have everyone together for christmas.

alright everyone, have a wonderful week!
im off to start updating the MP site and blog...


merry christmas, a little early.

Many of you have seen this picture, but wanted to share here too.
I thought this year would be a bit 'easier' to take pictures.
Not so much.
But, as always... we got one that works.
1 out of 70 isn't bad :)

Christmas brings so many joys, and this year has been so much a reminder of that.

Our dear friend Marge, passed away last night. She was 87. She had been in Hospice for about a month, so we knew the time would be soon, but it is still hard to say goodbye.

Our family met her about 15 years ago, when I started writing to her husband who was then a Hospice patient. I was in middle school at the time, and it was part of a service my Campfire group was doing. Who knew that she would turn out to be like a grandma to me, and a parent to my parents. Her husband, Jean, passed away over 10 years ago. They had no children of their own, so we became their family.

Here is the last picture we have of Marge and miss lilly :)

We will miss you Marge.
Thank you for being part of our lives.
We love you!


im still here...

this holiday season has got to be the busiest and most tiring for me yet.
im sure it will only get better :) right?

here are the most recent belly pics.

and one with the big sister belly :)

lilly is enjoying making up her own songs these days...
our favorite so far (and this one comes up over and over and over... to the same made up tune)

"i have a hangnail Jesus... i have a hangnail Jesus...."

you read correct.

she has also mastered peeling off the 'no bite' nail polish that we are trying to use in attempt to stop her from gnawing her fingernails and toenails. oh this girl.

another 'job' of hers right now is talking back, and telling daddy and mommy 'no'. this has meant many a time-outs in the past several days.

we have a feeling this 'terrible two' thing may last a bit longer than they say. thats ok though, we love our miss lillian, and wouldn't have it any other way.



hey eveyone.
life is busy busy for me right now.
but i'm still smiling :)

*my mom is home now, and doing well with her recovery. thank you to everyone for all the warm thoughts and prayers!!

*thanks for the bday wishes for dave, i wish i could take credit on that dessert, but that was actually a HUGE delicious brownie that my sister sent him :) is was tooo good!

*lilly is still a little snotty nose (literally), but we are hoping she is well soon! we've been watching a lot of 'santa saves christmas' to keep her entertained.

*check out the sale and the new stamps over at the store... MandarinPixie... only a few days left to get all the 'old' stamps at sale prices :)

oh and one picture to share... lilly with santa right before the OSU/Michigan game, in November... lol. (notice her buckeye necklace)

i had actually vowed not to get in the habit of pics with santa every year (we did get one on her 1st christmas...). but there was no line, and he kept calling her back for hugs, and she was so good for him, i couldnt resist a picture! plus, he is the best santa and the same one she had in her 1st picture :)

lilly is still talking about part of their conversation.

santa: i see you have a buckeye necklace!
me: ask santa if he likes the buckeyes.
lilly: do you like the buckeyes?
santa: oh yes, but i think the game is going to be too close. (in reference to the OSU/MI game)

so now every time anyone asks lilly about santa (or the buckeyes) she says...

"santa says, too close!"

she makes me smile :)


happy birthday

happy birthday to my best friend.

i appreciate all you do.

for the daddy that you are.
for working so hard in all that you do.
for supporting me.

i love you so much.
happy birthday :)



hi everyone,
just popping in for a quick update.

my mom is doing so good, they think she may be released tomorrow! truly amazing. i havent 'googled' what happend to her yet. not quite ready. all i know is the surgeon said it was divine intervention, all he did was sew, and that it is a miracle she is still here and so many 'other' complications didnt come up. other medical people have said that 'people don't survive aortic dissections'... still seems so unreal, but i am sooooo happy that everything worked out the way it did!! i know a lot of you have gone through losing loved ones, and/or having sick loved ones... and i admire all of you for being so strong.

im rude to ask this... but if anyone would like to send my mom a card, email me and i will get you some info. i know she would really enjoy some fun happy mail.

also... (((HUGS))) to all of you who placed MP orders. that REALLY made me feel so good, and i needed a little smile this weekend :) the orders are all packed and sitting on the counter to head out tomorrow!!

ok, im off to bed. i am exhausted, still running on adrenaline, or strength, or whatever kicked in last week. baby fin has been kicking more and more, and lilly has been wonderful (even though she has a nasty cough right now) so my babies, and my mom are my strength right now.

hugs to all of you!!



there is always a rainbow.
but crocs with socks in the rain, i wouldn't suggest.
especially when its cold outside :)

i am still in shock.
not really believing this is all going on.
i had never even heard of an aortic dissection.

my mom is a miracle.

i am so thankful that she is still here with us today.
i still have my mommy.
and lilly and the baby still have their grandma.
thank you God.
i am so grateful.

(((HUGS))) to anyone who needs them.
'i love you' to anyone who needs to hear that.

thank you for all the support, prayers, thoughts... whatever ever it is that you are sending. we can feel it. and it's working :)

and i can't wait to tell all the 'deb on narcotics' stories.
those will have to wait. but they sure are good :)


i scrapped!

i finally scrapped.

i didnt journal, which is something i want to do better with, but i did scrap, which is more than i can say ive done in a long time.

scrapping was nice :) need to do this more...
used some new MP Stamps! they'll be available soon... december 1st! yeah :)

thanks for looking!!


giving thanks.

here are some things i am thankful for.

1. my husband
2. my baby girl
3. my baby fin
4. baby fin kicks and hearing that little heartbeat
5.these kids

6. this and this too
7. the shark (had to throw in a silly one, but i truly am thankful for this!)
8. my family
9. my friends
10. everything else that makes me smile

(oh... and #s 3, 4, 7, 13, 14, and 15 from my last post are done... #s 5, 6, 8, and 9 are half done... )

happy thanksgiving everyone :)


a list of sorts

here is a list of things i need to do and other things :)
im a lister... they are everywhere :)

1. the buckeys beat michigan!! GOOOOOOOO Bucks!!
1a. enjoyed watching lilly flirt with dave's 2 buddies that came over to watch the game.
1b. enjoyed the entire neigborhood shouting, setting off fireworks, and their car alarms to celebrate the Buckeye victory. (this town is crazy)
2. visited with IDOS friends this weekend :) VERY fun!
2a. took a nice nap today

and i went to a crop with erin friday night!!

(the things to do part...)
3. make a pumpkin pie
4. make a pecan pie
5. hard boil, and devil some eggs
6. cut out NEW MP stamps!!
7. post MP sneak peak to The MP Blog
8. cut out new rubber!!!! (oh duh, didnt i already say that?!?)
9. work on updating MP site for the Dec 1st new stamps and guest DT member :)
10. work on christmas gifts
11. work on birthday gifts
12. work on christmas cards
13. baby appointment tomorrow (don't forget to take pee sample... teehee)
14. call secret person about a secret... hehhehe
15. send pics to print before the holidays start and i have to print a billion pictures
16. not too much TV on this week, which should make for getting things done easier

we will see ;)



the most recent belly shot...
a bit bigger than i was with lilly at this time... hehee.
not as cute as last time.
i know, that's normal.

we had a beautiful day last week, so nice to get the kids outside.
here is the normal 'smile' i get from the booster :)

ok, not too much to this post, just havent blogged in a while.
ill try to come up with something more interesting next time :)

happy day all :)



i've been cooking dinner.
that is good. means i must be feeling better.

sesame western pork ribs (in the crock pot)
au gratin potatoes (homemade, not from the box)

last night...
bruschetta chicken bake

coke roast (in the bean pot... YUMMM)
oreo cheese cake bars (i've eaten half the 9x13 sheet myself)

i'm starting to like food again, which makes me happy.
not to mention reece's cups, sunkist gummi chew things... and coffee.

yes... went to meijer last night.
smelled coffee.
had to have some.
i don't drink coffee.
but now have 2 cans of sugar free, caffeine free, instant coffee in my cupboard.
mocha and french vanilla.

and i will happily admit my addiction to Taco Bell bean burritos.
i'll be asking for gift cards for christmas :)

anyone have any good recipes to share?


gorgeous wedding.

ive been meaning to post some of these pics for a while.
these are from a wedding and reception of a friend from elementary school:)

the wedding... gorgeous.
the reception... so much fun.
both truly unique and absolutely stunning...

congratulations jessica and mike!


the weekend is here

even though im not a 'working' woman anymore... i still do love the weekends :)

dave and i went out to dinner all by ourselves tonight.
very nice :) enjoyable... ate way too much, but still had dessert.

i love thursday nights just as much :)
we watch grey's anatomy now, couldnt not join in.
we also watch the OC. the new season started last night.
unlike the rest of the civilized world, we dont have DVR, TiVO...
we do however have 2 TVs and VCRs.

so, we taped grey's upstairs, and watch the OC in the basement.

also, big sale going on over at the store... Mandarin Pixie
check it out :)


geisha girl

here she is...
the littlest geisha :)

kimono, shoes, and umbrella.
straight from china town.

not sure how we will top this costume.
love it. love it. love it.

hugs to grandma, grandpa, and aunt melissa for making her so stinkin cute :)



she makes me laugh.
if nothing else does, she will :)

here are 2 conversations from tonight...

conversation A. {lilly in bathtub... me wearing a bowling green tshirt, with orange lettering}

lilly: wass your shirt say?
me: bowling green.
lilly: no! it says home depot!

conversation B. {lilly, just having gone poopy in the toliet, and admiring her work}
lilly (to daddy): chicken nuggets!

infact, she likes to name her poopy, and does so pretty well.

she does this often, though this is the 1st time dave got to experience it on his own. (i think he was beginning to think that i was the one handing out the titles...)

here are some other names, all appropriately given.

"2 snakes!"
"alligator..." (must have had peas for dinner...)

she is a fun one :)


this weekend

first, thanks for all the happy wishes on our happy news!!
we will keep everyone posted :)

this weekend... was good!

friday night i got to crop with erin! (dave took lilly to the OSU hockey game.)
i have not scrapped in a LONG time, it felt nice :)
i did 2 LOs and 10 recipe swap LOs...

my mom came for the weekend, which was fun:)
-we shopped.
-watched a movie.
-folded laundry.
-went to my grandma's.
-ate oreos.
-took a nap.
-made chili.
-got very COOL (i mean, VERY cool) wrapping paper at old navy... clearanced for $1.25.

you know, all the fun stuff (in no particular order).

im taking vitamin B6 (as recommended by my OB) and seem to be feeling better (knock-on-wood)
also have some new comfy cute jeans from my mommy :) so that makes me feel better too :)

have a great week everyone!!


new pics :)

here are a few 'new' pictures :)


10 things that make me smile.

katie is always posting tuesday 10 lists on her blog.
i think they are fun to read.
so here is a list of 10 from me :)
mine are a bit more random...
but they do make me smile at the moment.

10 things that make me smile.
1. caramel apples
2. milk duds in trick or treat portions
3. strawberry shortcake ice cream on a stick things
4. healthy choice ice cream sandwiches
5. potatoes
6. getting to crop this friday!
7. lilly's conversations (which are too too funny...)
8. fall TV (even if half the shows i watch aren't on right now due to sports)
9. visiting with friends in BG
10. going to a wedding of a friend i met in elementary school (a beautiful wedding... hope to post pics sooner or later)

and im glad to know that 7 people read and left comments on my last blog post :) thanks ladies... it is nice to know that someone is reading. (((HUGS)))

happy week :)



ah. are you there?
anyone reading this?
so, im know im not so exciting these days...

no great scrappy stampy work to show...
no crazy work or life stories.

barely any comments on my posts...
ah that's ok... i'll blog to humor myself :)

maybe ive been booted off your blog reading, blogline lists... lol.
(if you dont have bloglines yet, and you read a lot of blogs... you will really enjoy having it!)

so anyways... still feeling cruddy, but i've actually managed to cook 2 nights in a row... (something i don't think has happened in the past 2 months...)

here is the recipe to last night's meal... courtesy of Martha :)

Spaghetti Carbonara

very tasty. very simple. and it seemed better for you than fettucine alfredo (another one of my favorites...)

tonight i made Reuben's... our way (which really isnt 'our' way, but the way of a lady i used to teach with...) here's how you stack it up.

*rye bread (buttered on one side)
*corned beef
*swiss cheese
*coleslaw (that's the sneaky part... instead of sauerkraut...EWWWW)
*thousand island dressing
*rye bread (buttered on one side)

Grilled in a big pan on the stove... delicious!! I could eat this once a week!

alright, so there you go... another boring post by me :)
so those of you who enjoy food, may have something to reply about :)

happy week everyone :)

oh, and forgot to say... our almost FREE dale and thomas popcorn came the other day. now we are on popcorn overload... and that is a good thing :)



i've been tagged.
twice actually.
so i figure i better hop to it.

the first.

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether or not they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LiveJournal/blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.

alright, so i could only come up with 5 without stressing myself out... so i'm cheating a bit, but here is the list...

1. Sexyback – Justin Timberlake
2. Buttons - The Pussycat Dolls featuring Snoop Dogg
3. Crazy - Gnarls Barkley
4. London Bridge - Fergie
5. What Hurts the Most - Rascal Flatts

the second.

The rules:
1. List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets.
2. Tag 5 friends and list them.
3. Those people need to write on their blogs about 5 weird things, and state the rules, and tag 5 more people.
4. Don’t forget to let the people you tag know by posting a comment on their blog!

here we go...

1. my maiden name is the same name of the town i 'grew' up in.
2. i like all kinds of music. really. i pretty much like everything.
3. i am attracted to snoop dogg, and scar face from grease :) teehee. that's weird, right?
4. i have braces. lol...
5. i can be obsessive compulsive...

...nothing too weird i guess... lol.

if you haven't done these yet, and you want to, consider yourself tagged :)



we took lilly skating for the 1st time this past weekend.
dave bought her a tiny pair of Graf skates (same brand as his of course). (don't pay attention to the prices... it's sick. and lilly's are an old pair off of ebay) public skating prices are a bit of a rip... but oh well, lilly is growing up in a skating family, so i'll have to get used to it :) we have to have fun every now and then...



remember that popcorn that i posted about JUST yesterday?
well today, the UPS man drops off this box.

to lillian.
from aunt melissa.
from Dale and Thomas Popcorn of NYC.

in that box.
9 bags of delicious popcorn.
in an adorable crate.

thank you aunt melissa :)


almost FREE popcorn...

Dale and Thomas Popcorn

...this is the BEST popcorn EVER.

my sister had 2 bags waiting for us in NYC when we visited her.
we ate that and went and got more while we were still there.

i've been wanting to order some...

and looky here

must be time to order some :)

only $2.95 a bag, for shipping and handling.
TOTALLY worth every penny.
i'd even spend full price, and you all know how i am with money ;)

if you like popcorn, please. treat yourself.
believe me, you'll be happy you did.

if you aren't so much into popcorn... get a bag or two and give them as a gift.
the receiver will thank you.

ok... off to order mine :)


here you go...

i can see by the number of replies on my last post that you are on the edge of your seats waiting to see these fabulous videos... so here is a link for your viewing pleasure (since i am having problems getting them here from youtube.)

see buckeye rap videos here

enjoy. seriously. hehehe.


linking videos

i tried to link 2 different videos to my blog, but im not sure that they are going through. they'll probably show up while im watching TV tonight... so here is an explaintion for them if they show up before or after this post.

2 buckeye 'rap' videos.
dave sent them to me.
as a rap enthusiast, they are a bit hard to watch.
besdies that, they gave me a nice little laugh.
(and it was neat seeing all the placed they taped...)

i so wish i would have run across these guys filming.
to see this as it was happening, would have been hilarious.

ok, so if they show up... and you have 10 minutes to watch some entertaining video... go for it. if they don't show up, ill try to get them here somehow, but don't get your hopes up for anything too exciting.


jackets game.

went to the blue jackets game tonight.
got to sit in the "Sky Terrace".
very fun. very fancy for a hockey game :)

stinger came up to visit.
lilly was a bit shaken by him... lol.
even though shed been talking about him all day, and was looking for him during the whole game. something about mascots... they look so cute and tiny far away, but when they are standing right next to you... well, they are pretty big. massive to a 2 year old.

when we left we rode in the elevator with Manny Malholtra.
VERY handsome man :)
lilly gave him a high five...
ahhh, if only she knew :)
that'll be a fun story to tell as she grows up :)

and of course, we forgot the camera.
but, im not worried...
the story is just as fun without pictures.
and it felt good to treat a 'famous' person like a person, and not like a celebrity by asking for pictures and autographs. i bet he appreciated that too.

the jackets won 2-4.
against last years stanley cup champs.
thats impressive :)



today i get to scrap.
all day long.
with adults.
im a tad bit excited :)


then and now

it really is the thing that led me to dave.
you see, ive always had a thing for hockey players.
here's dave his senior year of high school...
(he's the one in the back row right behind the goalie.)

and here he is today.
the men's B league champs... hehehe.
he's the third one in on the top row.
(i usually describe him as the bald one... that won't help too much here!)

and here is our little hockey girl.
excited to wear her hockey bear shirt on this chilly day and to get out her own hockey stick.

jus ike daddy. (just like daddy)


here's lilly

here is lilly.
8:15 am.
saturday morning.
she'd been up for over two hours already.

go bucks.
but lilly, go back to bed.
the game isn't til noon.


fun things

Not much substance to my blog entries these days.
I guess substance is not the point with a blog though.

Fun things.

Heard this song on the radio the other day. Hadn’t heard it since high school, but remembered all the words. Fun.

This boy. Daniel cook. (Or “cook cook” as lilly calls him.) He is wise for his years. He’s on the Disney channel. Check him out. Very funny boy.

Sent these to my sister a while back. Found them in line at the grocery store. We had the 'original' ones when we were 'kids'. I think I still have mine somewhere... Funny.

Monday art project with the kids: Buckeye necklaces. They could thread the beads all by themselves… VERY fun.

Still plugging away at the new MP stamps. If only my eye could detect 1/4 and 3/8 inch spacing I’d be set to go. Will be fun. eventually...

These shoes. A very unexpected gift from some very special people in my life. People who know I don’t treat myself, and make it a point to make me feel special. (Thank you again if you are reading!)

Ate tater tots for lunch. That’s all. not hungry. Not jen. Not fun.

Ok, now I feel better.


a visit with lilly

i made this little envelope album a while ago as a thank you gift for friends that came to visit us. now i can post it here since they got it in the mail :) (and i actually remembered to post it...)

nothing fancy, but fun to make, and that is all that matters!


friday night fun

here she is.
the little fishergirl.
she caught 9 fish.
her first time out.
daddy caught zero.


more random things

been feeling pretty sick for a few days now... so i wanted to make a quick list of happy random things.

*new magazines from my sister :) ...living and blueprint and everyday food... love love love them all..

*a great sale at Island Girl Scrapwear which means i finally bought a scrapping shirt :)

*fall tv is starting... prison break is in full swing, house is new tonight!! yeah!!

*have a few paste ups started for new MP stamps... working hard to have them mailed out for production by the end of the month!

*tylenol is my friend these days :)

*shaving cream, 3 spatulas and 3 toddlers in dave's undershirts at the kitchen table = at least a half hour of fun

*and a quick update from a post in May...

1. eyelet tips (2) ***FOUND***
2. eyelet setter ***FOUND***
3. cord to hook camcorder up to TV
4. my hair brush ***FOUND***
5. zoo membership passes ***FOUND***

4 out of 5 is pretty good :)
all of which were found in pretty logical places...
still on the look out for item #3

happy day everyone :)


It's Coming....Ohio State Football

im not a crazy football fan.

im not even a crazy sports person in general.

i dont know if i can even really be called a true buckeye... besides the fact that i was born and raised here in ohio.

but living in columbus has turned me into a buckeye fan.

through osmosis i guess.

its hard to escape, even if you wanted to.

and it doesnt help that lilly is a fan :)
(...and she was born in columbus, so she is official)


"whose da boy's name?"

no love on my last post... boohoo.
moving on...

lilly is is obsessed with knowing people's names.
people. animals. anything that seems to be alive.

"whose da boy's name?"
"whose da girl name?"
"whoosa baby name?"
"whoosa big one name?" (in reference to the person with the baby)
"whoosa doggie name?"
"whoosa big one name?" (in reference to the dog owner)

most of the time we tell the truth.
"i dont know their name, lilly."
"we don't know them, so we don't know their name."
"mommy and daddy don't know everyone's names."
"that's a stranger. we can just call them ma'am or sir."
"if you don't know their name, we probably don't know it either" (that's my new favorite one from dave tonight... heheh)

we usually get an unsatisfied reply... which is the repetition of the initial question (ie: "whose da boy's name?")

realizing that the 'truth' of not knowing the person's name was insufficient, we started answering like this...

me: "not sure lilly, maybe their name is ben?"
lilly: "no!"
me: "um... how about tom?"
lilly: "noooo... (giggle giggle)"
me: "steve?"
lilly: "no, mamma."
me: "i dont know lilly. sorry"

so tonight in the car, the conversation starts again.
(let me also inform you that lilly has recently started the fine art of conversing with herself.)

lilly: whose da boy's name?
lilly: i dunno.
lilly: whose da boy's name?
lilly: bob.
lilly: bob?
lilly: yeah bob.
lilly: no gramma.
lilly: gramma. bob.
lilly: gramma. bob. gramma. bob.

this while dave is keeling over the wheel trying to hold in his laughter, and pay attention to stop lights :)


josh & lilly

lilly and her long term boyfriend...
they've been going steady since august of 2003 :)

that cool stamp?
got it at a garage sale :)

that font?
do you like it?

well, you may just may be seeing it soon at MP :)

...speaking of Mandarin Pixie, shipping is $1.00 for the rest of the month!

happy weekend :)


nail biter

lilly is a nail biter.
she has been for a while now.
which is why we don't paint her fingernails.
she knows she'll get her nails painted if she stops biting her nails.
and she is not shy at all to tell anyone those facts.

the other day she is chewing on something...
as usual, i think that is her job

me: lilly what's in your mouth?
lilly: hangnail
me: spit it out (holding my hand to her mouth)
lilly: (spits out nail)
me: where'd you get this nail? (way too big to come from any of her fingers)
lilly: toes

yeah, she's gnawing at her toes now.

to the point where it bled and needed a band-aid.
(a plain adult band-aid... no garfield for that habit)
oh. my.
this girl.


a list of things

havent blogged in a while... here's a list of happy things.

1. this toothpaste. it foams. it tastes like halls. straight from NYC from my sister, because i can't seem to locate it here in ohio. although now i have the box, so i may have better luck. im sure its been staring me in the face.

2. haircuts on the deck... hehhe. (now taking appointments.)

3. food and herbs from the garden (snow peas, carrots, basil, mint, and LOADS of tomatoes)

4. the garlic festival (yep, you read it right). that's erin, lilly and i with "Garlica".

5. free tickets to the Crew game.

6. edamame... could eat this everyday.

7. food on the grill.

8. visits from friends, even if they are from Michigan :)

9. new MP stamps in the works!

10. back to watching the kiddos 'full time'.

11. feeding the ducks with old stale moldy bread :)

12. taking the boat out... (see pevious post).

13. scrounging up enough change in daddy's car to get a baby ice cream in a dish from DQ. mmm... i forgot how much i like DQ :)

14. the family stack (lilly had been wanting to do a pic like this since we took the one of my aunt, uncle and cousin at lakeside...)

have a great week everyone!


lakeside slide show

found a little site...
...made a little slide show of our vacation
seeing how it works here :)
you should be able to click the pic, and itll take you there

View this video montage created at One True Media
Lakeside 2006

hope it works!!
much easier than the power point i 'used' to do... (even though the quality isnt all that great, it serves its purpose...)
if anyone is curious... the song is an actual lakeside song :)


we got a boat!

isnt she a beauty!
yup... this is about as close we'll ever get to owning a boat.

lilly makes a pretty good driver though... hehhee.

p.s. if i ever do own a boat...
its name is "ghetto boat-ay"
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