10 things that make me smile.

katie is always posting tuesday 10 lists on her blog.
i think they are fun to read.
so here is a list of 10 from me :)
mine are a bit more random...
but they do make me smile at the moment.

10 things that make me smile.
1. caramel apples
2. milk duds in trick or treat portions
3. strawberry shortcake ice cream on a stick things
4. healthy choice ice cream sandwiches
5. potatoes
6. getting to crop this friday!
7. lilly's conversations (which are too too funny...)
8. fall TV (even if half the shows i watch aren't on right now due to sports)
9. visiting with friends in BG
10. going to a wedding of a friend i met in elementary school (a beautiful wedding... hope to post pics sooner or later)

and im glad to know that 7 people read and left comments on my last blog post :) thanks ladies... it is nice to know that someone is reading. (((HUGS)))

happy week :)


Anonymous said...

Of course we are reading!! :)

Love milk duds too and also Whoppers!!

Katie Jones said...

I read it probably only once a week though. I like your 10 - thanks for reading mine. It's always fun to try and think of a topic.

ali said...

Your list sounds yummy!

erin said...

Lists are fun! I enjoyed your reading yours...although it made me a little hungry. :)

Anonymous said...

JEN!!! It seems I missed something!! A NEW baby in your house!!! I love the one with you and Lilly showing your tummies! And Love the fall portraits by the lake!! I NEED to figure out how to get a pic of Olivia to you! If I mail you one in a cool card will pyou put her pic in your blog??? Id be so honored! :Love you! Oops its me Laura

Joan Hollenbaugh said...

Hi Jen,
It was so good to see you and your family at Jess's wedding.
Congratulations!!!! Cute picture of you and Lilly's bellies.

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