there is always a rainbow.
but crocs with socks in the rain, i wouldn't suggest.
especially when its cold outside :)

i am still in shock.
not really believing this is all going on.
i had never even heard of an aortic dissection.

my mom is a miracle.

i am so thankful that she is still here with us today.
i still have my mommy.
and lilly and the baby still have their grandma.
thank you God.
i am so grateful.

(((HUGS))) to anyone who needs them.
'i love you' to anyone who needs to hear that.

thank you for all the support, prayers, thoughts... whatever ever it is that you are sending. we can feel it. and it's working :)

and i can't wait to tell all the 'deb on narcotics' stories.
those will have to wait. but they sure are good :)


i scrapped!

i finally scrapped.

i didnt journal, which is something i want to do better with, but i did scrap, which is more than i can say ive done in a long time.

scrapping was nice :) need to do this more...
used some new MP Stamps! they'll be available soon... december 1st! yeah :)

thanks for looking!!


giving thanks.

here are some things i am thankful for.

1. my husband
2. my baby girl
3. my baby fin
4. baby fin kicks and hearing that little heartbeat
5.these kids

6. this and this too
7. the shark (had to throw in a silly one, but i truly am thankful for this!)
8. my family
9. my friends
10. everything else that makes me smile

(oh... and #s 3, 4, 7, 13, 14, and 15 from my last post are done... #s 5, 6, 8, and 9 are half done... )

happy thanksgiving everyone :)


a list of sorts

here is a list of things i need to do and other things :)
im a lister... they are everywhere :)

1. the buckeys beat michigan!! GOOOOOOOO Bucks!!
1a. enjoyed watching lilly flirt with dave's 2 buddies that came over to watch the game.
1b. enjoyed the entire neigborhood shouting, setting off fireworks, and their car alarms to celebrate the Buckeye victory. (this town is crazy)
2. visited with IDOS friends this weekend :) VERY fun!
2a. took a nice nap today

and i went to a crop with erin friday night!!

(the things to do part...)
3. make a pumpkin pie
4. make a pecan pie
5. hard boil, and devil some eggs
6. cut out NEW MP stamps!!
7. post MP sneak peak to The MP Blog
8. cut out new rubber!!!! (oh duh, didnt i already say that?!?)
9. work on updating MP site for the Dec 1st new stamps and guest DT member :)
10. work on christmas gifts
11. work on birthday gifts
12. work on christmas cards
13. baby appointment tomorrow (don't forget to take pee sample... teehee)
14. call secret person about a secret... hehhehe
15. send pics to print before the holidays start and i have to print a billion pictures
16. not too much TV on this week, which should make for getting things done easier

we will see ;)



the most recent belly shot...
a bit bigger than i was with lilly at this time... hehee.
not as cute as last time.
i know, that's normal.

we had a beautiful day last week, so nice to get the kids outside.
here is the normal 'smile' i get from the booster :)

ok, not too much to this post, just havent blogged in a while.
ill try to come up with something more interesting next time :)

happy day all :)



i've been cooking dinner.
that is good. means i must be feeling better.

sesame western pork ribs (in the crock pot)
au gratin potatoes (homemade, not from the box)

last night...
bruschetta chicken bake

coke roast (in the bean pot... YUMMM)
oreo cheese cake bars (i've eaten half the 9x13 sheet myself)

i'm starting to like food again, which makes me happy.
not to mention reece's cups, sunkist gummi chew things... and coffee.

yes... went to meijer last night.
smelled coffee.
had to have some.
i don't drink coffee.
but now have 2 cans of sugar free, caffeine free, instant coffee in my cupboard.
mocha and french vanilla.

and i will happily admit my addiction to Taco Bell bean burritos.
i'll be asking for gift cards for christmas :)

anyone have any good recipes to share?


gorgeous wedding.

ive been meaning to post some of these pics for a while.
these are from a wedding and reception of a friend from elementary school:)

the wedding... gorgeous.
the reception... so much fun.
both truly unique and absolutely stunning...

congratulations jessica and mike!


the weekend is here

even though im not a 'working' woman anymore... i still do love the weekends :)

dave and i went out to dinner all by ourselves tonight.
very nice :) enjoyable... ate way too much, but still had dessert.

i love thursday nights just as much :)
we watch grey's anatomy now, couldnt not join in.
we also watch the OC. the new season started last night.
unlike the rest of the civilized world, we dont have DVR, TiVO...
we do however have 2 TVs and VCRs.

so, we taped grey's upstairs, and watch the OC in the basement.

also, big sale going on over at the store... Mandarin Pixie
check it out :)
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