a list of sorts

here is a list of things i need to do and other things :)
im a lister... they are everywhere :)

1. the buckeys beat michigan!! GOOOOOOOO Bucks!!
1a. enjoyed watching lilly flirt with dave's 2 buddies that came over to watch the game.
1b. enjoyed the entire neigborhood shouting, setting off fireworks, and their car alarms to celebrate the Buckeye victory. (this town is crazy)
2. visited with IDOS friends this weekend :) VERY fun!
2a. took a nice nap today

and i went to a crop with erin friday night!!

(the things to do part...)
3. make a pumpkin pie
4. make a pecan pie
5. hard boil, and devil some eggs
6. cut out NEW MP stamps!!
7. post MP sneak peak to The MP Blog
8. cut out new rubber!!!! (oh duh, didnt i already say that?!?)
9. work on updating MP site for the Dec 1st new stamps and guest DT member :)
10. work on christmas gifts
11. work on birthday gifts
12. work on christmas cards
13. baby appointment tomorrow (don't forget to take pee sample... teehee)
14. call secret person about a secret... hehhehe
15. send pics to print before the holidays start and i have to print a billion pictures
16. not too much TV on this week, which should make for getting things done easier

we will see ;)


ali said...

Go Bucks!!! People just don't get it down in Cincinnati! One of our neighbors even had a Michigan flag! Can you believe it?!??!!? Your neighborhood has the right idea.
Your lists are great! I should make a list. I have it all in my head and I think it will all slip out over the holiday weekend!

erin said...

mmmmmm.....pecan pie. yum!

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