check it out.

-check out what dave (and a team at his office) helped with a few weekends ago.


-check out a BIG sale over at Mandarin Pixie.



quick pics

no time to write... but here are some pics :)



so, ive had a really rough week.
just down in the dumps, and finding it real hard to get back to my 'normal' self. having a hard time knowing what my 'normal' self is really.

but... 2 things did make me smile big yesterday.

1. flowers from my sister
2. a 220 quantity box of my favorite diapers for $17.11 (that comes to less than 8 cents a diaper... and those of you who buy diapers know what an awesome steal that is!! and those of you who know how cheap i am know how happy that makes me!!)

hey... you have to find happiness where you can ;)
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