It's Coming....Ohio State Football

im not a crazy football fan.

im not even a crazy sports person in general.

i dont know if i can even really be called a true buckeye... besides the fact that i was born and raised here in ohio.

but living in columbus has turned me into a buckeye fan.

through osmosis i guess.

its hard to escape, even if you wanted to.

and it doesnt help that lilly is a fan :)
(...and she was born in columbus, so she is official)


"whose da boy's name?"

no love on my last post... boohoo.
moving on...

lilly is is obsessed with knowing people's names.
people. animals. anything that seems to be alive.

"whose da boy's name?"
"whose da girl name?"
"whoosa baby name?"
"whoosa big one name?" (in reference to the person with the baby)
"whoosa doggie name?"
"whoosa big one name?" (in reference to the dog owner)

most of the time we tell the truth.
"i dont know their name, lilly."
"we don't know them, so we don't know their name."
"mommy and daddy don't know everyone's names."
"that's a stranger. we can just call them ma'am or sir."
"if you don't know their name, we probably don't know it either" (that's my new favorite one from dave tonight... heheh)

we usually get an unsatisfied reply... which is the repetition of the initial question (ie: "whose da boy's name?")

realizing that the 'truth' of not knowing the person's name was insufficient, we started answering like this...

me: "not sure lilly, maybe their name is ben?"
lilly: "no!"
me: "um... how about tom?"
lilly: "noooo... (giggle giggle)"
me: "steve?"
lilly: "no, mamma."
me: "i dont know lilly. sorry"

so tonight in the car, the conversation starts again.
(let me also inform you that lilly has recently started the fine art of conversing with herself.)

lilly: whose da boy's name?
lilly: i dunno.
lilly: whose da boy's name?
lilly: bob.
lilly: bob?
lilly: yeah bob.
lilly: no gramma.
lilly: gramma. bob.
lilly: gramma. bob. gramma. bob.

this while dave is keeling over the wheel trying to hold in his laughter, and pay attention to stop lights :)


josh & lilly

lilly and her long term boyfriend...
they've been going steady since august of 2003 :)

that cool stamp?
got it at a garage sale :)

that font?
do you like it?

well, you may just may be seeing it soon at MP :)

...speaking of Mandarin Pixie, shipping is $1.00 for the rest of the month!

happy weekend :)


nail biter

lilly is a nail biter.
she has been for a while now.
which is why we don't paint her fingernails.
she knows she'll get her nails painted if she stops biting her nails.
and she is not shy at all to tell anyone those facts.

the other day she is chewing on something...
as usual, i think that is her job

me: lilly what's in your mouth?
lilly: hangnail
me: spit it out (holding my hand to her mouth)
lilly: (spits out nail)
me: where'd you get this nail? (way too big to come from any of her fingers)
lilly: toes

yeah, she's gnawing at her toes now.

to the point where it bled and needed a band-aid.
(a plain adult band-aid... no garfield for that habit)
oh. my.
this girl.


a list of things

havent blogged in a while... here's a list of happy things.

1. this toothpaste. it foams. it tastes like halls. straight from NYC from my sister, because i can't seem to locate it here in ohio. although now i have the box, so i may have better luck. im sure its been staring me in the face.

2. haircuts on the deck... hehhe. (now taking appointments.)

3. food and herbs from the garden (snow peas, carrots, basil, mint, and LOADS of tomatoes)

4. the garlic festival (yep, you read it right). that's erin, lilly and i with "Garlica".

5. free tickets to the Crew game.

6. edamame... could eat this everyday.

7. food on the grill.

8. visits from friends, even if they are from Michigan :)

9. new MP stamps in the works!

10. back to watching the kiddos 'full time'.

11. feeding the ducks with old stale moldy bread :)

12. taking the boat out... (see pevious post).

13. scrounging up enough change in daddy's car to get a baby ice cream in a dish from DQ. mmm... i forgot how much i like DQ :)

14. the family stack (lilly had been wanting to do a pic like this since we took the one of my aunt, uncle and cousin at lakeside...)

have a great week everyone!


lakeside slide show

found a little site...
...made a little slide show of our vacation
seeing how it works here :)
you should be able to click the pic, and itll take you there

View this video montage created at One True Media
Lakeside 2006

hope it works!!
much easier than the power point i 'used' to do... (even though the quality isnt all that great, it serves its purpose...)
if anyone is curious... the song is an actual lakeside song :)


we got a boat!

isnt she a beauty!
yup... this is about as close we'll ever get to owning a boat.

lilly makes a pretty good driver though... hehhee.

p.s. if i ever do own a boat...
its name is "ghetto boat-ay"


the winners are in!

Thanks to all of you who signed up for the drawing...
and helped spread the word :)
I am shocked that almost 50 people signed up!! WOW!! ((HUGS))
Lilly thought she'd draw a few names since so many people signed up :)

The 1st and 2nd people drawn will receive...

FREE Mandarin Pixie stamps .

The 3rd, 4th, and 5th people drawn will receive...

FREE shipping on any one order.

Don't foget to check out The MP Blog for monthly Design Team work, and updates on everything happening at Mandarin Pixie (sales, drawings, contests, new stamps, etc...) and if you want even more of a heads up... join the MP mailing list, by clicking here.

And now that I am done rambling....
...the winners are....

1st: chelsea
2nd: hillary
(you've both won FREE MP stamps!!)

3rd: jaci
4th: netty
5th: judyq
(the 3 of you have won some FREE shipping!)

Congratulations ladies :)
If the 5 of you would please email me... jennifer@mandarinpixie.com
I will fill you in on more details, once I have your email addresses!!

Again, thank you everyone!
Now, get stamping!
(and if you are MP stamping... send your work here... gallery@mandarinpixie.com)

Have a super weekend everyone :)


vacation pics

a few quick pics from our mini vacation... to lakeside, ohio


miniature golf... lilly style (she would hit the ball backwards through her legs, then search for the ball)

kenton row... this is where we stay. i think this is the 4th consecutive year we've stayed here. all 15 of us :)

...and wow! thanks to those who commented on my last post. ill let it run a few more days to see if anyone else signs up for the 'drawing'... (see previous post)

ill draw on friday, so make sure to check back to see if you won :)


avatar and a drawing :)

a new avatar...

miss lillian...
little dave...
diddy honah...
the boobah...

a pic by her daddy :)

so sweet, she makes me smile :)

and, i always wonder...are there any lurkers reading this blog?

i'm curious... maybe a little drawing for free stamp stuff will pull some people out???

anyone (a lurker or a regular) who comments on this post will be put into a drawing for some Mandarin Pixie love :) ...spread the word.

happy day :)
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