lakeside slide show

found a little site...
...made a little slide show of our vacation
seeing how it works here :)
you should be able to click the pic, and itll take you there

View this video montage created at One True Media
Lakeside 2006

hope it works!!
much easier than the power point i 'used' to do... (even though the quality isnt all that great, it serves its purpose...)
if anyone is curious... the song is an actual lakeside song :)


Dave said...

Great job sweetie girl

ali said...

Love it! Especially the jumping feet and the water pictures! You guys had sooo much fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen!

This slideshow is really cool. I think I ( or most likely Dan) are going to have to make one on here from our cruise. This is neat, thanks for sharing!

See you in a couple days.


Missy said...

you did it!!
awesome jen :)

Denise said...

I enjoyed your slideshow:) Looks like it was tons of fun!

Rorie said...

What a fun slideshow. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun there.

erin said...

WOW! That was awesome! What a wonderful way to share your pictures!

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