nail biter

lilly is a nail biter.
she has been for a while now.
which is why we don't paint her fingernails.
she knows she'll get her nails painted if she stops biting her nails.
and she is not shy at all to tell anyone those facts.

the other day she is chewing on something...
as usual, i think that is her job

me: lilly what's in your mouth?
lilly: hangnail
me: spit it out (holding my hand to her mouth)
lilly: (spits out nail)
me: where'd you get this nail? (way too big to come from any of her fingers)
lilly: toes

yeah, she's gnawing at her toes now.

to the point where it bled and needed a band-aid.
(a plain adult band-aid... no garfield for that habit)
oh. my.
this girl.


Lynne said...

LMBO! she's biting her toenails! now that's a determined kid. just wait...i had one who took off her own braces. i'm NOT kidding!


erin said...

BWWWAHHHHH!!! Actually, Lilly told me Sunday that she couldn't paint her fingernails, but she did have her toenails painted. Guess that isn't happening for a while either, eh? (chuckle)

Rorie said...

Mmmm, yummy. :) At least it was her own toenail and not someone else's....

ali said...

I feel guilty to say that I laughed at this one. I know it will come back to me...

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