mini card giveaway!

My mom has opened her very own etsy store
and I am happy to share it with you!
Cute little notecards that are fun to stick in lunchboxes, wallets,
under pillows, pockets… get crafty! I know you are J
My mom is kindly giving away one set each to 2 lucky winners!
Those 2 people get to choose whichever set they’d like from her store :)
Here’s how to enter… (up to 3 entries per person)

1. pop over to Mama Fin’s miniature paperie and tell me which set you like best!
2. leave a separate comment to tell me what you'd do with these cute cards! 
3. spread some love about this giveaway and leave a new comment to say so!

Make sure I have a way to contact you.
I will pick 2 winners this Sunday (10/3) evening.


shark teeth

september 16, 2010
nothing looks too harmless about this little grin.
till you look inside.
double rows of teeth.
3 days later.
september 19, 2010
after lots of wiggling.
and daddy with a washcloth.
(i talked him out of the pliers. that is not a lie.)
the first tooth is lost!
she of course was the only 6 year old in the world who had not lost a tooth yet.
she tells me the tooth fairy even left feetprints on her sheets.
but i would swear they are drool marks ;)


burrito bowls

homemade burrito bowls.
yes please.
recipe found here :)


before and after chair



hello grillin cheese.

i met my new best friend at the farmer's market this summer.
meet Gretna.
gretna grillin cheese.
grilled on one side.
flipped and grilled on the other.
tastes like grilled cheese :)
without the bread.
add a salad and you've got lunch ;)
i have tears in my eyes.
for real.
i love you.



long time no blog.

as i heard somewhere in the past week...
ah. so true.

so on to a bunch of random things.
My beloved bloglines is closing down :(
So I’ve switched to google reader.
Like anything new, it will take some getting used to… but itll be ok.
These 2 links helped me transfer my feeds over very smoothly…



I want to be better at the 2 way communication on this blog.
A long time ago I added a ‘did you leave me a question’ button.
Hoping that would work for me.
Well, not so much.
So… my new plan.
I will either answer your question by leaving another comment on that same post.  Or maybe the answer will become a post in itself.

Which is what I am about to do right here.

Mary asked about my training for my 5Ks.  well, if I had answered that question when she first asked, my answer would have gone like this... 'I jog 6 days a week for 2-3 miles each.'  now that school has started and our schedules have gotten more hectic my answer is more like this...' i jog 3-4ish times a week for 1-2 miles each.'  either way, i don't really view it as 'training'... but more of my exercise time. my alone with my ipod time :)

Mary also asked about where we stayed for our mini-Lakeside vacation.
we stated at Maxwell House for this trip.
in their back apartment.
tight squeeze, but perfect for us!

Susie asked if all the chairs will be a different color.
well susie... you will just have to wait and see ;)

So... if you do have a question… please ask.
I will get back to you from now on.
Hopefully in a more timely manner.
But you’ll have to come back to the comments to find it ;)

and some pics to make the randomness even more random...
a girly rag quilt made for a special 3 year old ;)
so fun to get out the girl fabrics!
lilly posing in all her awesome self-dressed style.
then cohen had to get his own pose in...
and the kids working hard with daddy...
i hope you all have the best of days this week!



some nights just call for a bowl of homemade ice cream and some junky tv.
(tonight is one of those nights.)

{coffee chocolate chunk}
{cherry lime}


baked potato pizza

i made my favorite corn chowder the other day. yum.

and i had half a batch of the pioneer woman's pizza dough sitting in my fridge.
ive always wanted to try her potato leek pizza recipe (in her cookbook).
but i was fresh out of leeks.

i did however have potatoes.
and ham. from the soup.
and a bit of my own inspired creativity.
so... i made my own creation.

Baked Potato Pizza :)

start by rolling out your PW pizza dough.
mix together equal-ish parts of sour cream and ranch dressing.
spread it over the dough as your sauce.
slice 2 small-medium potatoes as thin as you can.
paper thin. see through thin.
(mine were not thin enough so they were a little crunchy in the end.)
(but still good...)
top with ham.  or bacon.
mmm bacon. i wish i had had bacon.
add cheese.
i had partial bags of cheddar and monterey/colby jack, so that's what we got.
bake in oven for 8-10ish minutes at 500 degrees.
sprinkle with fresh chives when the pizza comes out.
(those chives are from our yard! yay :)
enjoy :)
we will be making this one again.

Jen’s Baked Potato Pizza

Pioneer woman’s pizza dough
Equal parts Ranch Dressing and sour cream for sauce (around 1/3 cup each)
Super thinly sliced potatoes (2 small-medium)
Diced ham (though bacon would be delish)
Shredded Cheddar/Colby jack cheese (1 ½ - 2 cups)

Bake 8-10 minutes at 500 degrees

Sprinkle with fresh chives


preschooler in the house!

our little man started preschool today...
...and came home with a smile and a beautiful rainbow.
and then... amazingly, we saw a double rainbow tonight.
 and cohen said 'just like my class!'
and that warmed my heart.
that all is well :)

dropping cohen off was hard for mommy.
both my kids away at school.
i would have cried...
i think i even tried to a little.
having emryn and bryce with me
definitely kept my tears away :)
for today.

now, where did my babies go?


long camping weekend

we went camping this weekend.
with 14 families.
lots of kids ;)
good food.
chilly nights.
plus an old time baseball game saturday.
and lunch at my grandma's on sunday.
would you believe i didnt even take out my camera?

now we are recouping.


drawing people

the little man doesn't sit much.
but every now and then he likes to color.
imagine my surprise when i see what he was drawing the other day.
this is big stuff.
having remembered a thing or two i learned in college...
(you know. that degree.)
(plus a few years of mommying)
i am pretty smiley to see him doing this on his own!!
(he even holds his marker the right way!)

a head and legs.
now eyes and a mouth.
don't forget 2 arms.
or maybe shoes?
let's color them in :)
and let's draw a side-kick too.
i think it's him and daddy ;)
oh little man.
you do not know what you do to me.
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