calling all my peoples!

I really want to blog on a regular basis… but sometimes I just don’t have the time, energy, or inspiration on my own. So whom do I call on when I need (or want) some help??

My life people.

That’s you! Everyone reading this.
Whether I know you in real life, or not.
Whether I’ve met you, or not.
Whether I talk to you daily, or a few times a year.
Whether I even know you are reading this blog, or not.

You are my people. The people in my life.

So... I’m starting a series on this blog, called… My Life People.
Segments in this series will be constructed by you.
You will be my featured presentations!

It’s easy…

I’ll ask you 5 questions (via email, so make sure I know how to reach you), which you will answer and return to me. (If you aren’t comfortable with a question, you won’t be forced to answer, but all the questions I ask will be ones that I would answer.)

When it is your turn to be featured, I will post your answers here to share with all of my other life people reading :) You can send along a picture to share, or I will choose one for you :)
If you have your own blog/site I am happy to link back to you or not. You choose. If you don't have a blog... who cares! You can still play :) If you have other links that help answer your questions… link away!

Want to play? (Of course you do! You must be a tad interested if you've made it this far.)

Leave one question as a comment below, and you can consider yourself signed up! (or email me your question if you are not into commenting directly here!)

It can be a question specifically to me, or a general question that anyone could answer. I will answer all the questions I get from everyone signing up in the very first segment of the My Life People series. I will also add the collected questions to my list of questions to ask you! Let’s keep these questions fun, positive, interesting and entertaining please :)

If you are someone who reads here, but doesn’t post here (but likes to reply to my mass blog email alerts…) please email me a question so you can play along! I want all of my life people to be a part of this! (If you don’t have my email, or I don’t have yours, click the ‘view my profile’ link in the right column, to send me an email!)

Alrighty... who's in??

Happy Weekend!!


theme party

we went to a party this past weekend.
you can guess the theme :)
the sad thing... our costumes were a bit too close to our real life.
well... the kid's costumes at least.

cohen's 'costume' wasn't so much a costume as to what he really wears around the house.
lilly's too. she'd sport that outfit anyday anywhere... if we'd let her :)

and this necklace?

i really wore that in high school. really... i did.

i brought twinkie delight dessert and corndog casserole.
(i make corndog casserole in real life.)

i tasted my 1st ever White Castle burger.

we had a blast. so much fun to play dress up and eat :)

thanks john and julie :)


mr. smarty

I was braiding Lilly’s hair the other day and I hear the 2 little ones say “uh oh, elmo.”
(As in... “the elmo cd is over”.)
I tell them… "hold on a sec, ill be right there to put a new cd in."
I hear the entertainment door being opened and I say “please don’t touch the door. You guys are not allowed in there.”
Not more than a few seconds later I hear the chicken dance song playing.
Cohen had changed out the cd and pressed play all on his own.

He’s not even 2 ½ yet.

This boy amazes me.
He isn’t a big talker yet, but he surely knows a lot more than I think he does.

The other day (it was actually the 1st day of school)… he starts throwing blocks in the kitchen/eating space. I look more closely and see he had created these all by himself.

Mock cornhole.

(Do you see how he even angled the trays!?)

I asked him… “Are you playing cornhole?”
He says… “uh huh!” (as in… yeah mom!! aren’t they cool?!?)

Then, without any prompting he slid one board to the other side to make the game more official, of course.
We switched out the blocks for some softer toys and kept on playing.
Mr. Smarty.

He’s almost 2 ½ and can name pretty much every piece of hockey gear there is. And can proudly spot anything Blue Jackets related a mile away.

Does he say his name yet?
Not exactly.

But he knows what a Zamboni is.


salsa... salsa

i'm not sure why i even bother to buy salsa at the store.
i always forget how delicious homemade salsa is, and how simple.
though we've managed to scrounge up some fresh veggies...
we definitely miss our garden, and look forward to planting one next year.

lilly tried the first bite and proclaimed...
"this taste-es real! better than the store salsa."

so true.
and so nice to know exactly what you are eating.

this recipe is from the recipe collection last year.
(we doubled the recipe)
thanks debbie!!

Texas Salsa
Presented by Debbie L

1 large tomato, chopped
1/2 C chopped onion
1 (4oz.) can chopped green chilis
2 tsp. fresh cilantro, chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
1/2 tsp. salt

Combine all ingredients and allow to marinate 1 hour before serving.



a few of my favorite kids.
wearing goofy glasses.

in alphabetical order.



ode to the little man

he's our little potty training...

dis-liking mess making...shark-boot wearing...
hockey loving... cheese-ball hoarding... juice addicted...
little man.

and we love him so :)

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