to blog or not to blog.

im having thoughts of giving this blog the boot.
just too much going on right now.
anywho... here are some pics.
i have hundreds of pics that need sorted, and printed, and filed, or scrapped.
i also have laundry to do, and bills to pay.... and sleep. yes sleep is nice.

the little man in the bumbo. a very cool seat.

the tall skinny boy @ 4 months old.
12 lbs. 12.5 oz
25 inches long
he has a tooth already. yes, a tooth. the little catfish boy.

our big girl on her first day of preschool.
i was doing well till we walk in her room, and about 2 minutes later she says "mom? when are you going to leave?" well thanks sweetie... i wasn't going to cry but now i might have to.

and one of the 2 of them :) they look a bit related... i think.

love them. love them. love them.

thats all for now, happy weekend everyone!



here is the proof that i scrapped.
one week ago tonight actually.
see... it only took me 7 days to scan these in and post them :)

these are 3 of the 5 that i did.
the cookie one was started before cohen was born.
2 others still need journaling, so i havent scanned them yet. (yes erin, i still havent done it yet... lol)

cohen is 4 months old tomorrow, so ill probably have more new pics to share soon!
happy weekend everyone!


no time to blog.

ive had no real time to sit down and write on here.

i scrapped friday night!! yeah!
we got a new stove and fridge!! yeah!
lilly has a splint on her arm from falling off her bike! boo! (but yeah! that it is isnt broken)
next week starts back to a houseful of kids!! yeah! and yikes!!

ok... that was a quick update.
maybe someday, ill have time to post more :)



last week was our annual lakeside vacation.
im just now getting back to my 'normal' life, whatever that is.
here are just a few pics.

dave's pizza night.
he and my cousin, johnny, made all these pizzas.

breakfast at abigail's tearoom.
pancakes and french toast always taste better when someone else makes them :)

lilly's artwork.
this is just one of lilly's favorite things to do at lakeside!

i have more pics of 2 awesome stores... but i want them to have their own post, so ill share later!

also, dave entered a photo in the lakeside photgraphy contest... ill post that later too!
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