happy happy gifts!

my sister, melissa, and her wonderful friend, kameisha, sent me the WONDERFUL surprise of a 'mandarin' inspired "congratulations on opening Mandarin Pixie" gift.... WOW o WOW!!! let me just tell you how surprised and excited i was to get this huge box yesterday!! it never even crossed my mind that anyone would be sending me a gift for opening MP, but those girls sure know how to make someone feel extra extra special!! ((((HUGS)))) thank you both, and i love you and miss you bunches!!!

and a little cheese'ball' for the happy occasion...


be happy

sometimes you have to be selfish and profess the things that make YOU happy...

-hearing 'why mama' (even if i do here it ten billion times each day)
-a huge bag of peanut M&Ms (M's as lilly calls them) from Sam's
-1000 free business cards from the new Office Max
-scrapbooking and creating(even though im not the greatest... it is my passion)
-the fact that my baby girl loves pictures just about as much as i do and loves looking at albums over and over and over... we rediscovered this picture (the 1st one ever taken of dave and i... just look at us!!)

-opening Mandarin Pixie and receiving real orders!! (and most importantly all the encouraging words from family and friends)
-seeing lilly run to her daddy when he comes home from work
-talking to my sister via the OmniMedia phone line...hehhe, and the broken cell phone
-having a small number of really good friends
-keeping in touch with special friends from high school
-getting stuff for free at the gocery store because it's on sale for 99 cents and i have a 50 cent coupon that gets doubled
-lilly dancing in the car to "my humps" (that's my girl!!)
-dave still calling me 'sweetie girl' even after 10 years
-good TV shows
-gift cards to eat out
-a great group of online scrapping friends!!
-my 2 other kiddos (and their families for entrusting them to me)
-anything on clearance
-the fact that i like such a huge variety of music
-my husband, my daughter, my parents, my sister, my grandma, and some very wonderful aunts... who are some of my best friends

of course there are more. i really do have a lot to be happy about. i just need to remind myself on a daily basis. that is the kind of person i am. anywho... i need to do this more often :)


a few cards...

...just a couple cards ive made with some Mandarin Pixie stamps!

...just got that white ink!! love it... i must admit, i wasnt sure how white dye ink would work, but i do love it :)


newer LOs....

here are some newer LOs (in no particular order), all of which include Mardarin Pixie stamps :) enjoy!


MP is open!!

...just wanted to share the news that Mandarin Pixie is now open for business!!

Frankly I'm not sure who visits my blog, but from what I am guessing... most of the people who do read this already know about the launch. so anywho... just wanted to make sure you knew!!

the link is to the right if you'd like to take a peek :)


the winner...

....of my 2nd drawing is... Laura!! (See, i didn't forget all about the drawing...) I will be mailing out your little gift soon... as soon as i can find it, and get it in an envy and mail it, whenever that will be...

Mandarin Pixie is just about ready to open... click our homepage button on the right. There is a button there to sign up for our mailing list...

besides that.... here is a new LO to enjoy (featuring some MP stamps... the ones that spell 'baby')... look at those cheeks!!


emails please....

if you are reading this... and you havent recieved any emails from me in the last several days (and you are wondering...hey where is that jen? and when is her webstore opening??)... would you please email me your email address?!?!? pretty please?!?!

somehow 'someone' (no names please...) got rid of my address book without asking me first. ahhh.......

some of your emails i know off the top of my head... others' not so much :( some of you i've stolen from mass emails from other people. anywho... i am hoping you still have my addy in your address book and you can send me a quick 'hey!! here's my email!!' note.... thanks :) (dont post here though... i dont walk the stalkers to find you...)

oh... and i will be doing my drawing soon!! (see 2 posts down....)


the "big" secret...

...the big secret is out to most of you. but here is the link to the site in progress, for those of you who don't have it bookmarked yet!

this is what ive been soooo busy with :)
we are aiming to open mid january!!


(i'm having difficulties making that into a link, so you'll have to cut and paste until i figure it out... sorry!)

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