emails please....

if you are reading this... and you havent recieved any emails from me in the last several days (and you are wondering...hey where is that jen? and when is her webstore opening??)... would you please email me your email address?!?!? pretty please?!?!

somehow 'someone' (no names please...) got rid of my address book without asking me first. ahhh.......

some of your emails i know off the top of my head... others' not so much :( some of you i've stolen from mass emails from other people. anywho... i am hoping you still have my addy in your address book and you can send me a quick 'hey!! here's my email!!' note.... thanks :) (dont post here though... i dont walk the stalkers to find you...)

oh... and i will be doing my drawing soon!! (see 2 posts down....)

1 comment:

Karen said...

Did you get a computer virus? I will email my email. KarenR

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