here you go...

i can see by the number of replies on my last post that you are on the edge of your seats waiting to see these fabulous videos... so here is a link for your viewing pleasure (since i am having problems getting them here from youtube.)

see buckeye rap videos here

enjoy. seriously. hehehe.


linking videos

i tried to link 2 different videos to my blog, but im not sure that they are going through. they'll probably show up while im watching TV tonight... so here is an explaintion for them if they show up before or after this post.

2 buckeye 'rap' videos.
dave sent them to me.
as a rap enthusiast, they are a bit hard to watch.
besdies that, they gave me a nice little laugh.
(and it was neat seeing all the placed they taped...)

i so wish i would have run across these guys filming.
to see this as it was happening, would have been hilarious.

ok, so if they show up... and you have 10 minutes to watch some entertaining video... go for it. if they don't show up, ill try to get them here somehow, but don't get your hopes up for anything too exciting.


jackets game.

went to the blue jackets game tonight.
got to sit in the "Sky Terrace".
very fun. very fancy for a hockey game :)

stinger came up to visit.
lilly was a bit shaken by him... lol.
even though shed been talking about him all day, and was looking for him during the whole game. something about mascots... they look so cute and tiny far away, but when they are standing right next to you... well, they are pretty big. massive to a 2 year old.

when we left we rode in the elevator with Manny Malholtra.
VERY handsome man :)
lilly gave him a high five...
ahhh, if only she knew :)
that'll be a fun story to tell as she grows up :)

and of course, we forgot the camera.
but, im not worried...
the story is just as fun without pictures.
and it felt good to treat a 'famous' person like a person, and not like a celebrity by asking for pictures and autographs. i bet he appreciated that too.

the jackets won 2-4.
against last years stanley cup champs.
thats impressive :)



today i get to scrap.
all day long.
with adults.
im a tad bit excited :)


then and now

it really is the thing that led me to dave.
you see, ive always had a thing for hockey players.
here's dave his senior year of high school...
(he's the one in the back row right behind the goalie.)

and here he is today.
the men's B league champs... hehehe.
he's the third one in on the top row.
(i usually describe him as the bald one... that won't help too much here!)

and here is our little hockey girl.
excited to wear her hockey bear shirt on this chilly day and to get out her own hockey stick.

jus ike daddy. (just like daddy)


here's lilly

here is lilly.
8:15 am.
saturday morning.
she'd been up for over two hours already.

go bucks.
but lilly, go back to bed.
the game isn't til noon.


fun things

Not much substance to my blog entries these days.
I guess substance is not the point with a blog though.

Fun things.

Heard this song on the radio the other day. Hadn’t heard it since high school, but remembered all the words. Fun.

This boy. Daniel cook. (Or “cook cook” as lilly calls him.) He is wise for his years. He’s on the Disney channel. Check him out. Very funny boy.

Sent these to my sister a while back. Found them in line at the grocery store. We had the 'original' ones when we were 'kids'. I think I still have mine somewhere... Funny.

Monday art project with the kids: Buckeye necklaces. They could thread the beads all by themselves… VERY fun.

Still plugging away at the new MP stamps. If only my eye could detect 1/4 and 3/8 inch spacing I’d be set to go. Will be fun. eventually...

These shoes. A very unexpected gift from some very special people in my life. People who know I don’t treat myself, and make it a point to make me feel special. (Thank you again if you are reading!)

Ate tater tots for lunch. That’s all. not hungry. Not jen. Not fun.

Ok, now I feel better.


a visit with lilly

i made this little envelope album a while ago as a thank you gift for friends that came to visit us. now i can post it here since they got it in the mail :) (and i actually remembered to post it...)

nothing fancy, but fun to make, and that is all that matters!


friday night fun

here she is.
the little fishergirl.
she caught 9 fish.
her first time out.
daddy caught zero.


more random things

been feeling pretty sick for a few days now... so i wanted to make a quick list of happy random things.

*new magazines from my sister :) ...living and blueprint and everyday food... love love love them all..

*a great sale at Island Girl Scrapwear which means i finally bought a scrapping shirt :)

*fall tv is starting... prison break is in full swing, house is new tonight!! yeah!!

*have a few paste ups started for new MP stamps... working hard to have them mailed out for production by the end of the month!

*tylenol is my friend these days :)

*shaving cream, 3 spatulas and 3 toddlers in dave's undershirts at the kitchen table = at least a half hour of fun

*and a quick update from a post in May...

1. eyelet tips (2) ***FOUND***
2. eyelet setter ***FOUND***
3. cord to hook camcorder up to TV
4. my hair brush ***FOUND***
5. zoo membership passes ***FOUND***

4 out of 5 is pretty good :)
all of which were found in pretty logical places...
still on the look out for item #3

happy day everyone :)
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