here's lilly

here is lilly.
8:15 am.
saturday morning.
she'd been up for over two hours already.

go bucks.
but lilly, go back to bed.
the game isn't til noon.


erin said...

tooo cute!

Missy said...

connor told me yesterday I wasn't a buckeye, because I was a pretty girl. I had to explain pretty girls can be buckeyes too ;)
and lilly's proof!!!

rmeyfe said...

What a cutie!! :)

Anonymous said...

lilly is so cute. i cant believe how big she is getting and how blond her hair looks. even though i root for the team up north she is still adorable as a little buckeye :)


Anonymous said...

Neat outfit and necklace. Did she help make the necklace? Karen R.

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