jackets game.

went to the blue jackets game tonight.
got to sit in the "Sky Terrace".
very fun. very fancy for a hockey game :)

stinger came up to visit.
lilly was a bit shaken by him... lol.
even though shed been talking about him all day, and was looking for him during the whole game. something about mascots... they look so cute and tiny far away, but when they are standing right next to you... well, they are pretty big. massive to a 2 year old.

when we left we rode in the elevator with Manny Malholtra.
VERY handsome man :)
lilly gave him a high five...
ahhh, if only she knew :)
that'll be a fun story to tell as she grows up :)

and of course, we forgot the camera.
but, im not worried...
the story is just as fun without pictures.
and it felt good to treat a 'famous' person like a person, and not like a celebrity by asking for pictures and autographs. i bet he appreciated that too.

the jackets won 2-4.
against last years stanley cup champs.
thats impressive :)


Rorie said...

I have to admit, I totally understand why Miss Lilly was a bit scared of the Stinger guy. With those big red eyes, he does look pretty freaky! :)

rmeyfe said...

Me too he is pretty scary looking if you are little but Manny on the other hand -- totally not scary!!!

So the Hawkeyes play the Buckeyes this weekend? Who do you think will win? :)

BTW -- I tagged you too...

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