the time finally came for me to buy some photo storage.
i went from 100% full to 4 point something % full.
nice.  that should last a while :)

in dave and i's future careers we may become personal crafters.
laurie's personal crafters :)

dave recovered chairs for her.
they just moved into a new house and wanted a new look.

 isn't the fabric gorgeous!!
the boys.
wanting in on the chair photo shoot :)
 laurie asked me to make a banner for a baby shower she was co-hosting...
 here it is on display at the shower, so fun!!
(and if you look close... you will see some LBE items on the clothesline ;)
and... cookies for a bday party!
(these will get a post of their own soon :)
oh if i could craft all day long and pay the mortgage.

thank you laurie.
for making me feel extra special.


2nd thanksgiving.

we decided late friday afternoon that we wanted to cook a turkey.
with stuffing.
and maple bacon brussels sprouts.
and green bean casserole.
and mashed potatoes.
mmm, and gravy.
oh. and homemade rolls.
(we have some hardboiled eggs?)
lets make deviled eggs too.
what started off as just a turkey...
(and craving thanksgiving leftovers)
became a very spur of the moment 2nd thanksgiving.

and i soon realized that i love cooking.
and baking.  and entertaining.
too much to not host our own thanksgiving.
(in addition to the real thanksgiving that we attend each year.)

and its a good thing.
because i found my new love...
hello maple bacon brussles sprouts.
i adore you.

Bacon Maple Brussels Sprouts
(adapted by jen via http://www.dinneratchristinas.com/)

35ish brussels sprouts
3 Tbsp olive oil
3 Tbsp maple syrup (the real stuff!)
5 slices bacon, cut in 1/2 inch pieces
salt and pepper, to taste

Preheat oven to 400°. Discard outer leaves of brussels sprouts and give them a rinse.  Trim the bottoms and halve them.

In a medium bowl, toss the brussels sprout halves with olive oil, maple syrup (the real stuff, please!), bacon, salt, and pepper.

Spread the mixture on a baking sheet.
Roast for about 30 minutes, turning a few times, until the brussels sprouts are tender and caramelized and the bacon is crisp.

oh yum.



what is the difference between bragging and being proud?
im sure they mean different things to different people.

i ran a 4 mile race yesterday.
Thanksgiving morning.
my goal was to do it in under 50 minutes.
i thought i ran it in under 48.
then when the result were posted it was 45:12.
and i am very proud of myself.
and i think that's ok.
being proud.
and sharing my proud-ness.
i don't have a lick of athleticism in my body.
so running is really a big deal for me.
i really never thought i could run down the street.
or even around the block.
so 4 miles? in a race?
running makes me proud.
and i need that.
and i am thankful that i am able to run.
afterwards we all enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving meal at my aunts.
the best food. seeing lots of family. the birthday game. and dessert.

we came home and listened to Christmas music and watched a Christmas movie.

yesterday was a good day.
and i love those kinds of days.

i also love giveaways :)
(i'll email you as soon as i know you know it's you ;)

hugs to everyone!!
i am thankful for you all.


thank you.

i'm thankful for many things in my life.

but as far as this blog goes...
i am thankful for you.
my readers.
truly thankful.  i am.

so, for you...
a giveaway.
a personalized necklace.
made by me.
and i am not the vintage pearl.
but i do think these are sweet.
and i make them, so that counts for something ;)
i will choose at least one winner.
maybe more...
and i will probably draw a name on thanksgiving day.
not sure that i'll be blogging between now and then.
life is busy. 
good busy.

one entry per person.
just leave a comment :)
(be sure i know how to reach you, please)

thank you. for reading my little blog.



cohen got stuck in the spirograph.
i, of course, got the camera.
and then i rescued him out of the contraption.
it's rough having a big head.
speaking of.
blogger and i made up.
a little. for now.

it's true... i had used up my photo space.
100% of it.
i deleted a few hundred pics and am now down to 95% full.

so... i am seeing the purchase of more storage in the near future.
i do love this little ole blog.
so i suppose she is worth a few dollars a year...

and kids...
don't stick your head (or your finger) anywhere it doesn't belong.
(especially if your mom takes lots of pictures.)
(and blogs about them.)



i was going to show you pics of cohen stuck in the spirograph.
or pics of some chairs dave recovered.
or some pics of a welcome baby banner i made.
a giveaway i've been meaning to do for ages.
or pics dave and his french onion soup.
(which he smirked and posed for while he asked... 'is this blog worthy?')

but then blogger slapped me with this...
Whoops! You're out of space.
You are using 100% of your 1 GB quota for photos.
Purchase more storage.

i'll figure something out.
even if it does cost me $5 a year to add more storage.

and to think.
i loved you blogger.
it will just take some time...


Open House 2010

check out our Open House!
thanks to all who stopped by...
lots of fun was had by all :)

lots of fun raffle prizes...
lots of fun food...
Little Bean shoppers :)
 Ali and her Pampered Chef :)
 Lesley and her own line... Rugrat Design!
 yikes...simply darling!!
BeachBody with Lindsay!
 Premier Designs with my mother-in-law, Carol :)
ohhh, such fancy fancy stuff.
(someday i will wear more of these fun things!)
 and Andrea with Creative Memories!!

again, so many thanks to each of the vendors...
and all of our guests who stopped out!
i so appreciate you supporting local home based businesses!!
it means a lot to me.  thank you.


open house

you know you want some...
they are waiting for you...
check out Little Bean's Open House special over on the blog!
(Saturday, November 13th only)

hope to see you here or via email ;)



too busy to blog.
getting ready for the Open House on Saturday!
these babies will be frosted tomorrow...
and of course, lots more yummy stuff will be made.
and eaten.
(cause that's what i do best ;)


My Life People ~Meet Cohen!~

It's back (again)... My Life People!
it's been a while... huh?

My 10th segment starring....
the little man :)

You may have seen him around before ;)
1.How do you know me?
Because you’re Mom.

2. What are your top 5 favorite books?
Hockey. All hockeys.
I like that monkey one.
Buddy’s Bednight Time.
That one that Snider’s got us.
3. Tell me 3 things you do almost every day.
Play hockey.
Play baseball.
That all.

4. Tell us how to make the perfect sandwich.
Peanut jelly.
I make it with no bread.
Ha. Is that silly mom?
5.  Does daddy play hockey tonight?
C: No.
Me: are you sure?
C: No
My notes on Cohen:
this is my favorite little man. in. all. the. world.  really.  this kid makes me want to have 10 more kids.  his dimples. his spike. his giggle.  too much cuteness.  he is silly. he is smarter than we know. he's always surprising us with what's going on in that little 3 year old mind. he cracks us up. he is just the right amount of toughness and gentleness.  and he's ornery too. he loves his hockey. any sport really. but he's also a great little daddy to the baby dolls.  he smacks our rears. he sings. he dances. he never stops. he holds our cheeks when he gives us kisses. love you little man.


the aunties

last night we were graced with a visit from these 4 ladies.
 my mom and her sisters.
aunt joyce
aunt tracie
my mom
aunt lori
each year they have a sister's weekend.
this is their 22nd sister's weekend.
amazing, right?
between the 4 of them there are...
12 kids.
9 grandkids.
and counting...
i won't expose any of their sister's weekend secrets.
though aunt lori is proud to say...
"we've never been in a car accident. or arrested."

(i'm saying that, but i kid... really)
behave ladies ;)
and have fun.

love you all.



saw this and knew just what i'd be posting today.
we listened to it 4 times straight. (make that about 7.)
we just danced and clapped and sang.
me and the littles.

love happy music! yay!!
need this for my ipod.
gives me happy teary eyes.
(first seen here... i love the sharingness of the blogging community :)

will.i.am makes me giggle.
ever since watching date night. twice.
(my current best movie.)



i forgot to share my halloween 'costume.'
here's me.
taking pictures of myself.
 while i wait for trick or treaters.
and here is a trick or treat conversation that occurred...

Oh you look so cute! (2 neighbor moms from the sidewalk.)
Are you a housewife!? (one of their daughters at my door.)

(what i thought in my head.)
A housewife? Ha!
Yeah. I’m pretty much the real thing
Not a costume.
(which is the truth.)

(what really came out of my mouth.)
"oh... i've been baking all day, just didn't take the apron off yet!"
(which was the truth too :)

i was working on my first ever official decorated sugar cookie order!
(thanks again Laurie!! you made my day. my week. more even!)
the 'extras' were enjoyed at a special bday party.

now my brain is floating around.
like normal.
dreaming of just what maybe i could turn this into.
with my sugar cookies. and sweet treats. and baked goods.

i'm only halfway kidding.
the other half is serious.

maybe someday.
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