what is the difference between bragging and being proud?
im sure they mean different things to different people.

i ran a 4 mile race yesterday.
Thanksgiving morning.
my goal was to do it in under 50 minutes.
i thought i ran it in under 48.
then when the result were posted it was 45:12.
and i am very proud of myself.
and i think that's ok.
being proud.
and sharing my proud-ness.
i don't have a lick of athleticism in my body.
so running is really a big deal for me.
i really never thought i could run down the street.
or even around the block.
so 4 miles? in a race?
running makes me proud.
and i need that.
and i am thankful that i am able to run.
afterwards we all enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving meal at my aunts.
the best food. seeing lots of family. the birthday game. and dessert.

we came home and listened to Christmas music and watched a Christmas movie.

yesterday was a good day.
and i love those kinds of days.

i also love giveaways :)
(i'll email you as soon as i know you know it's you ;)

hugs to everyone!!
i am thankful for you all.


arminda said...

I'm proud of you. :) You're such an inspiration!! :)

Rorie said...

You have every right to be proud of your accomplishment. I'm proud of you too! :)
Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!

Swedish Mama said...

there is good proud and bad proud.

this is good proud.

many of us are proud of you. you are awesome.

Chloƫ said...

Aww too fun! Thanks so much! :D I'm excited.

And a huge congrats on your running accomplishment! That is a big deal! Maybe next year you'll make it under 40! :]

And ps. how much do I wish that I was at your house for that second Thanksgiving? GOODNESS all that looks so amazing.

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