My Life People ~Meet Cohen!~

It's back (again)... My Life People!
it's been a while... huh?

My 10th segment starring....
the little man :)

You may have seen him around before ;)
1.How do you know me?
Because you’re Mom.

2. What are your top 5 favorite books?
Hockey. All hockeys.
I like that monkey one.
Buddy’s Bednight Time.
That one that Snider’s got us.
3. Tell me 3 things you do almost every day.
Play hockey.
Play baseball.
That all.

4. Tell us how to make the perfect sandwich.
Peanut jelly.
I make it with no bread.
Ha. Is that silly mom?
5.  Does daddy play hockey tonight?
C: No.
Me: are you sure?
C: No
My notes on Cohen:
this is my favorite little man. in. all. the. world.  really.  this kid makes me want to have 10 more kids.  his dimples. his spike. his giggle.  too much cuteness.  he is silly. he is smarter than we know. he's always surprising us with what's going on in that little 3 year old mind. he cracks us up. he is just the right amount of toughness and gentleness.  and he's ornery too. he loves his hockey. any sport really. but he's also a great little daddy to the baby dolls.  he smacks our rears. he sings. he dances. he never stops. he holds our cheeks when he gives us kisses. love you little man.

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Rorie said...

"habadada" Now, that just sounds like a lot of fun! He'll have to teach everyone how to do it. :)

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