i forgot to share my halloween 'costume.'
here's me.
taking pictures of myself.
 while i wait for trick or treaters.
and here is a trick or treat conversation that occurred...

Oh you look so cute! (2 neighbor moms from the sidewalk.)
Are you a housewife!? (one of their daughters at my door.)

(what i thought in my head.)
A housewife? Ha!
Yeah. I’m pretty much the real thing
Not a costume.
(which is the truth.)

(what really came out of my mouth.)
"oh... i've been baking all day, just didn't take the apron off yet!"
(which was the truth too :)

i was working on my first ever official decorated sugar cookie order!
(thanks again Laurie!! you made my day. my week. more even!)
the 'extras' were enjoyed at a special bday party.

now my brain is floating around.
like normal.
dreaming of just what maybe i could turn this into.
with my sugar cookies. and sweet treats. and baked goods.

i'm only halfway kidding.
the other half is serious.

maybe someday.


Katie said...

love the trailer. in springfield, ma I had the best tamale ever from the cutest little one.

arminda said...

Whoa the cookie business huh? :) You rock! I love your apron. You know I have that same one and I wear it almost every day. Shoot I get the mail wearing it, deliver baked goods to the neighbors wearing it. Right now while blogging..yup you guessed it..I'm wearing it. :) It's a part of me now and I am not ashamed.
(You are adorable by the way. ;)

Anonymous said...

the cookies look awesome! Wish I could make ones that looked like that, maybe one day :) Liz

Rorie said...

I think you should totally go for it. And get a trailer that you can drive, and go on a road-trip and come here and make me some cookies. Or anything really. You are an awesome chef. :)

ooty1 said...

I am LOVING those cookies!! I might hit you up for an order one of these days . . .

Heather Conrad said...

I bow before your crafty and NOW cookie greatness!! Those trailers are just stinkin hilarious! Good to "see" you!

Jen said...

I LOVE those cookies. Wow. I wish I could make cookies like that - I'd be my kids hero!

Swedish Mama said...

Enjoyed the extra cookies at the birthday party. So cute and so good.

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