post-it notes are the new TP

so we came home from a surprise dinner with my parents saturday to find these stuck all over the front of our house...

*a mixture of adult and child handwriting
*they know our names (and spell them correctly)
*they know about dave's workshop project
*they did this in broad daylight

we have a *good* idea of who the culprit is...
but nothing is for certain :)
just a fun little thing to come home to :)

check out the MP blog for new design team work.
these 2 ladies constantly amaze me with their scrapping goodness :)

and... (if you are still reading) it's time for another 'comment and win a little something from me' drawing. anyone who leaves a comment on this post will be put into a drawing to win something. what? dont know yet. (maybe something personalized... oh, now that could be scary)

i'd just really love to know if there are more than 3 people who read this thing... (my own mother doesnt even read this... unless i send her the link to look at something specific... geez mom)

happy wishes for a happy week to everyone :)


i am a mom

ok... ive been coming to the realization that i am a real mommy now... (not that i wasn't before, but you know what i mean)

i know this because....

~i double tie my own shoes
~i say things like "someone is going to get hurt", "keep your hands to yourself", "this is your last warning", and "one more bite and then you'll be done"
~i wipe someone else's boogers off my hands onto the grass
~i eat fruit snacks, goldfish, and cheerios by the handful
~i catch puke with my bare hands
~i speak to myself in 3rd person
~i can read select books with my eyes closed
~i make up very cute little songs for any occasion
~i skip, hop, jump, around and around and around the house

...of course i thought of a ton of these off and on (everytime i do something so motherly it scares me), but i didnt jot them down, so they've escaped my crowded little mind. maybe next time around i'll make a list (which will really be about 8 different sheets of scrap paper, that get buried in piles) for another post :)

have a happy weekend everyone.

and dont forget to check out the links for the Women for Women International fundraiser and the MP sale in my posts below :)



now... check this out....

i've donated a prize package for this awesome fundraiser...

it is a wonderful cause...
check out the original post for details...


good things...

check this out.... very cool

and this (a long term sale at MP...)


bday weekend

had a good birthday weekend...

-took lilly to see curious george... she did pretty well, with it being her 1st movie! it was cute... has a great soundtrack!
-ate at outback (a little too much, felt sick all night... lol)
-got lots of fun goodies (a scrapbook magazine subscription, scrapping goodies, gift cards to cord camera and hobby lobby, pampered chef measuring spoons, fun storage boxes for the basement shelving, some fun new shirts... and more)
-got 3 singing messages on the answering machine from my mom, dad, and sister (which we listened to about 10 times each... cause lilly just could not hear them enough)

our basement is starting to come together:) the carpet is in... and dave and kin, ("daddykin" or "the guys" as lilly calls them) brought down the bottom of the cabinet tonight!! yeah :) i moved some stuff back downstairs... so soon i should be up and scrapping again. (and mandarin pixie will have its own official home!!)

have a good week everyone!!



it feels soooo good to scrap. sometimes i forget how much i enjoy this craft. i really love it... really. its almost better than chocolate ;) erin and i went to a crop last night... very fun, good music (hehehe) and conversation! i must get out of the house more often :)

got my hair cut at charles penzone's this morning (LOVE it there)... it's cute (my hair that is). i feel a bit more hip. not that i was hip to start with. at least it makes me feel a little new :) not the running pants, boogery oversized tshirt mommy that i really am.

lilly keeps calling me 'happy birthday girl' today... hehe. so cute.
then she gets a little peeved when we tell her its my birthday and that hers was last month.

"nooo... me too mama"
"ok baby... you can have fun on mama's birthday too"
"yeah... happy birthday girl"


this is why...

this is why i am in a huge scrapping slump...
(at least i have an excuse)

this is why sometimes i laugh when i shouldn't...
(or i might throw a tantrum too)

this is why i cant help but smile every day...
(even if i dont want to crack a grin)


a surprise easter gift!!

so this year... i got the biggest surprise EVER for easter :)

my sister and her best friend came to visit!!!
...they totally surprised all of us...

(to make a long sappy story... short, but still a bit sappy)

-i hear a knock on the door, so i put down the piece of candy i shouldn't be eating, and peek around the corner, and there they stood
-i think i stood still for about 10 minutes, because my head is thinking "WHUH?? "what is going on?", and then i finally went to the door
-which is when i proceeded to bawl and sob my head off. yeah... like a "wahhh haa haaa haaaa haaaaa" good kind of happy 'i can't believe you are here' cry... on the front porch (i am sure all the neighbors were like "what is wrong with her??") hehhe...

so then mom and dad came down too! this is when mom starts clapping like a seal saying "my family is here... my family is here" (yeah, she's a strange one...)

they've had this trip planned since january!!! they totally had us all...
i still can't believe they were here :)

they came bearing gifts...
lilly was quite enjoying herself parading around in her new attire...

sooo... this moment, it definitely is at the top...
thanks m & k!!!
love you two!!


big girl bed

*here she is
*the big girl
*in her big girl bed
*for the 1st time
*with all her buddies
*whom all need a kiss before they go to sleep
*amazing that this stage in our lives is already here

happy easter eveyone!!


FOTD is Rorie!!

rorie... one of my "IDOS" friends. you see, some people may call me crazy. but i have this little online scrapping family, and rorie is a part of that group i call my friends.

here are some of the things i love about rorie...

*she is a new mommy... (to darling little joey.)

*she's a mandarin pixie stamper!!! (((HUGS)))
*she's a scrapper. and she uses her own handwriting on her LOs which is something i really admire :)
*she's a 'stay at home mom'... the hardest job in the world.
*she's a breastfeeder, one of the most selfless acts you can do for your child (had to list this one!! hehee... that word makes me laugh, kinda sounds like a "birdfeeder")...
*she has a great goofy husband... (who put the letter "Z" on their return address label... even though his name, nor their last name, begins with a Z...HA!! i love that!!)
*she sent me a card once, just to make me smile...
*she sent a card to my sister, just to make her smile...
*she is a simple girl (just like me!!)
*she believes in GOD
*she is truly just the sweetest... and i hope to meet her someday :)

here is one of her LOs... (which i ganked from her IDOS gallery!)
(I hadn't even seen this one yet, rorie!! I love it btw!!)



wild child

not only did miss lillian learn to crawl out her crib this weekend... but she also learned how to climb over the (high) gate that I put in her doorway (to keep her in her room if she crawled out of her crib).

i seriously have about 20 gray hairs from this child...


new LO

a LO i just finished up, amidst the demolition of the basement... it is a bit difficult to scrap these days (with all my stuff packed up and a teeny little spot on the floor of our bedroom to work). i just hope its all worth the scrapping deprivation once dave has the basement done :)


dave is the new scrapper

so, the current dare is to have your husband (significant other, child,... etc) make a page :)

look what my lovely husband came up with ( he picked out the paper at hobby lobby and everything!)

look at the boy go! hehehe... he even used a MP stamp and i didn't say a WORD about using them (well, not that one... i said he could use them 'in general' if he wanted.)

what really cracks me up, is how much this looks like a layout that i would do. i honestly didnt help him all that much... just a few words of advice and 'construtive criticism' along the way. in fact, i was out of the room most of the time, as lilly was having nothing to do with the family scrapping night.

now, if only this were a regular occurrence, just think of how much scrapping i could get done!!


FOTD is Kelli!!

here she is one of my greatest friends... Kelli
(otherwise know as 'Dan & Kelli')

We met working at Gen's Hallmark in Bowling Green, in college. The day we met, we hit it off... so much so, that we both ended up crying (a good cry) during our first conversation :) We have so much in common, but we are also very different. Turned out that i knew her 'boyfriend' Dan from the church i grew up in. Kelli & Dan (her then boyfriend, now husband!) were in our wedding... and we were in their wedding last summer! (which by the way was the most grand wedding i have EVER been to!!)

The 4 of us have so many great memories... shopping, gossiping, eating, going to the movies, wedding planning & showers, gossiping (heehee). Dan and Kelli now live in Michigan... in a beautiful home, and we are patiently waiting for them to add a little one to their family (even after all the detailed pregnancy, labor, delivery, nursing, and terrible two stories i have enlightend them with). when the time comes, dan and kelli are going to be such fabulous parents.

We miss these 2 people so much (crying a bit here) but i am so glad that we have kept in touch... love you Kelli!!


guess what?!?!??!

oh... nothing!!
april fool's :)
just wanted to get your minds running...
what did you think i was going to say?!?!?

for real though...

-check out The MP Blog... new design team work is up!!
- i am planning to do a FOTD post soon (i know i said id do that like a month ago... where does the time go!)
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