i am a mom

ok... ive been coming to the realization that i am a real mommy now... (not that i wasn't before, but you know what i mean)

i know this because....

~i double tie my own shoes
~i say things like "someone is going to get hurt", "keep your hands to yourself", "this is your last warning", and "one more bite and then you'll be done"
~i wipe someone else's boogers off my hands onto the grass
~i eat fruit snacks, goldfish, and cheerios by the handful
~i catch puke with my bare hands
~i speak to myself in 3rd person
~i can read select books with my eyes closed
~i make up very cute little songs for any occasion
~i skip, hop, jump, around and around and around the house

...of course i thought of a ton of these off and on (everytime i do something so motherly it scares me), but i didnt jot them down, so they've escaped my crowded little mind. maybe next time around i'll make a list (which will really be about 8 different sheets of scrap paper, that get buried in piles) for another post :)

have a happy weekend everyone.

and dont forget to check out the links for the Women for Women International fundraiser and the MP sale in my posts below :)


Missy said...

I swear... I could have written this myself :)
it must be a LO.

erin said...

missy's right - this should be a lo or perhaps a whole journal! you are such a good mommy!

Rorie said...

I'm so not looking forward to the catching puke thing. I get so many ideas from your LO's and blogs! :)

Anonymous said...

Jen--You are "Mom" I am proud of you. I look at your sites just do not comment because I do not want to look too much like a "Mom"

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