bday weekend

had a good birthday weekend...

-took lilly to see curious george... she did pretty well, with it being her 1st movie! it was cute... has a great soundtrack!
-ate at outback (a little too much, felt sick all night... lol)
-got lots of fun goodies (a scrapbook magazine subscription, scrapping goodies, gift cards to cord camera and hobby lobby, pampered chef measuring spoons, fun storage boxes for the basement shelving, some fun new shirts... and more)
-got 3 singing messages on the answering machine from my mom, dad, and sister (which we listened to about 10 times each... cause lilly just could not hear them enough)

our basement is starting to come together:) the carpet is in... and dave and kin, ("daddykin" or "the guys" as lilly calls them) brought down the bottom of the cabinet tonight!! yeah :) i moved some stuff back downstairs... so soon i should be up and scrapping again. (and mandarin pixie will have its own official home!!)

have a good week everyone!!


Missy said...

happy birthday again!! and hooray for scrappy space :P

erin said...

So glad you had a great weekend! I can't wait to see the finished scrap space - I am soooo jealous!

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