happy bday cohen!

oh little man.
i can hardly believe it.
today you are the big 4.
your favorite number.
happy birthday cohen!
 we love you a ton.
times a million.


rice pilaf.

rice pilaf. mmmmmm.
this is one of my all-time favorite recipes.
it's orginally my grandma's.
passed down to my parents.
now to me.
i'd request it every time we went to see my grandparents.
or somehow it just managed to be on their table.
and now i just make it myself. a lot.
i've tweaked the recipe just a bit.
so it's now double the rice.
(leftovers are oh so good)
less butter and more mushrooms.
but still as delicious as i remember grandma making.
(i am only sharing this recipe because i do not see a 'jen's diner' in my future :)

jen's grandma's rice pilaf (one of my favorite foods ever...)

1/4 cup butter
2 cans beef consume
1 cup rice
2 - 4 oz. cans of mushrooms, drained

combine all of these in an oven proof baking dish.
bake at 350 for 1 hour and 10 minutes.
enjoy :)


lori, come on down!!

my uncle emailed a few weeks ago about a special custom cookie order.
you see, his wife (my aunt lori), was taped as a contestant on The Price Is Right!
and it's airing tomorrow!!! tuesday, april 19th.
 so he ordered cookies to surprise her with.
to take to school and share with her students.
isn't he the sweetest?
(and she was sooooo excited to see these cookies)
(and that made me smile ;)
i can honestly say that i have never been so excited
to watch some mid day TV as i am right now :)
 congrats aunt lori!!
can't wait to see you in all your glory ;)
(now... go check and see when the show is on so you can watch too!!)



i'm not feeling the love for my blog these days.
but i am feeling the love for these kids.
(sporting their hand picked get-ups.)
and the little man's soccer shoes... at least 2 sizes too big.
and the little lady's personality... at least 2 sizes too big.
and our house... which is almost always this messy.
and our days... which are almost always full.
these kids make everything worth it.
i love them so so much.
(and their daddy too :)
(here they are waiting to leave for soccer practice.)


cheap labor

5 tubes of extra frosting.
5 sugar cookies a little too crisp to sell.
a 7 year old.
and a 3 year old.
(while mommy is making dinner.)
the cookie on the right...
"rainbow with polka dots"
by lillian
the cookie on the left...
by cohen
 not sure if these will end up at SDB
(only because i'm not sure i could ever recreate their beauty)
but at least i know where to get some cheap help ;)
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