the aunties

last night we were graced with a visit from these 4 ladies.
 my mom and her sisters.
aunt joyce
aunt tracie
my mom
aunt lori
each year they have a sister's weekend.
this is their 22nd sister's weekend.
amazing, right?
between the 4 of them there are...
12 kids.
9 grandkids.
and counting...
i won't expose any of their sister's weekend secrets.
though aunt lori is proud to say...
"we've never been in a car accident. or arrested."

(i'm saying that, but i kid... really)
behave ladies ;)
and have fun.

love you all.


April Poknis said...

they do have some funny stories! thanks for posting pics of the craziest 4 sisters/aunties i know :)

Katie said...

how cute are they! I hope they have a fun visit.

Twinkies and Us said...

I can't even imagine getting a visit during sister's weekend! You are brave to let the 4 of them stop by! Thanks for posting pics.. Lilly looks so cute!

Anonymous said...

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
without all of us,

Off for another tough day of shopping.....sigh.

Having an absolute blast- colored hair, -played farkle/marbles (all tied up now) -free complimentary food and 3 drinks/sister/night. :)
We nap from 7-8pm and then rally till the wee hours.
More later. Love, the sisters

sarah said...

they need to visit sisters, oregon on one of their trips!


fall is gorgeous there - say early october. blue skies, gorgeous mountains, changing leaves...

Rorie said...

Sister weekends are the best! :)

Swedish Mama said...

How fantastic. Jealous. So glad you got a visit and some great pictures.

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