cohen got stuck in the spirograph.
i, of course, got the camera.
and then i rescued him out of the contraption.
it's rough having a big head.
speaking of.
blogger and i made up.
a little. for now.

it's true... i had used up my photo space.
100% of it.
i deleted a few hundred pics and am now down to 95% full.

so... i am seeing the purchase of more storage in the near future.
i do love this little ole blog.
so i suppose she is worth a few dollars a year...

and kids...
don't stick your head (or your finger) anywhere it doesn't belong.
(especially if your mom takes lots of pictures.)
(and blogs about them.)


Lesley said...

you do realize this will be example A when he's in therapy right?! ha!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. How cute and funny is that? He will not be happy about this picture one day. But oh you could certainly have fun with it!
Aunt T

Katy Cameron said...

ROFL, my mother would have done this if blogs existed when I was wee!

Rorie said...

Hahahahahaha, that is so funny! For us, not the kids. I had to look back at Lilly's - I remembered her getting her finger stuck, but not that it was in a poopin kitty. Oh, the fun we moms have!

Jen said...

I love that you took a picture before you got him out...I would have done the same thing!

arminda said...

HA! I am so proud of you for getting your camera before helping him hahahaha. :)

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