the birthday girl...

here are some pics from the big day!! the big T-W-O!!

the girls in their birthday hats made with Mandarin Pixie stamps of course :)

right after blowing out the candles all by herself!! she was SO proud...hehe.

skates from mommy and daddy!

a fish tank (complete with statue of liberty) from aunt melissa!

Lilly enjoyed signing 'happy cake' (her version of happy birthday) all day long. She was so excited to finally get to open her gifts and cards that had been piling up all week. More pictures to come!!

p.s. lilly also drew names for the MP drawing... so check out the MP blog to see who the big winners are... that will be up soon, if it isnt already!



so my sister, really really made my day. she has a way of doing that...

i was having a bad day last week (a sick, whiny, frustrated, defeated kind of day) and just look at what she sent me!!

these are cookies!! truly truly amazing.... and delicious... and HUGE!! ( i think each one weighs about 1/2 pound!!) lets just say they put a lot of tears on my face as well as one BIG smile :)

i had a 'photo shoot' of them... literally. i think i took about 40 pictures. didn't help much that this little creature could barely stay away from them :)

so melissa... here are your pics. thank you again for taking care of me :) i love you and i miss you!!


a word...

a word from lilly:

dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd vf gg gg gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
```````` 111 000 uu u7778888888 BBZZZZBBZZ Z

and now from me:

-not feeling much better... a bit, but not much
-we're having a sale and drawing at Mandarin Pixie!!
-check out The MP Blog for more details :)


sick day

can i have a sick day please?
is there such thing for me?


monday night

rewind to friday night...
-bumped into the one and only missy @ cord camera on friday night!! (how fun was that?!?!? VERY! )


-new post over at The MP Blog
-went to sat night church... lilly made trail mix... so cute!! made me really feel like she is 'growing up'!! ahhhhh!


did a new LO...

-did a little bday browsing for the booster

monday monday
-first day of spring
-'spring break' starts
-i get to leave the house whenever i want all week long...
-wish i knew how to use a sewing machine to make a new bag like my 10 year old vera bradley bag that i LOOOOOVE
-got a $10.00 off coupon for our next trip to Meijer!! (ahhh, gotta love the bargains...)
-made banana chocolate chip walnut bread.... yum
-prison break is back on (woohoo!!)
-waiting for 3-6 inches of snow... (where oh where is spring?)



i've been tagged by val and judy (2 of my IDOS friends!)

Four jobs I have had in my life:

1.dairy queen

Four movies I would watch over and over:
(ooooh, love this!! i actually made a list of this other day to write about on my blog!! and i happened to write down 4.... who's been stalking me??)
1. Matilda
2. The Boiler Room
3. Dinosaur (Disney)
4. Chicago

Four places I have lived:
1. Tampa Bay, Florida
2. Bowling Green, Ohio
3. Findlay, Ohio
4. Columbus/Hilliard, Ohio

Four TV shows I love to watch:
1. Prison Break (coming back soon!!)
2. American Idol
3. Lost
4. The OC

Four places I have been on vacation:
1. Walt Disney World
2. Chicago, IL
3. Mohican Wilderness (camping... lol)
4. Virgina Beach (a looong time ago...)

Four websites I visit daily:
1. Mandarin Pixie
2. I Dream of Scrapping
3. 2peas
4. numerous blogs

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Cheese
2. garlic cheese bread
3. Chocolate
4. pasta

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. at a spa
2. at a crop
3. sleeping in bed
4. on vacation, anywhere

Four friends I am tagging that I think will

1. Erin
2. Rorie (have you done this yet?)
3. anyone else who has a blog and hasnt already
4. done this, which doesnt leave many...


FOTD jar

so i got a baby food jar to put my FOTD names in... it was not cute. so i added ribbon and a flower... a bit nicer. just something quick and fun... (what's the FOTD jar?? read my last post...)

apparently it looks as though i only have 6 friends (and no family). boohoooo for non-commenters... and HUGS to my 6 best friends :) but dont feel left out... there is still time! you can still sign up!! reply here or in the previous post... (oh, and if you are 'just' one of my online scrapping friends... you count too!! sign in!!) i have a feeling my next blog will be a FOTD :)

i sent some of you an email where you wrote back your answers about me... let me say, that i am finding this funny, and sweet, and so so nice!! ill post the 'real' answers after a while... along with some of your answers that made me giggle :) i really really really needed a good smile this week!

to end this rambling... a pic of little dave helping daddy paint the hallway (finally did that after 3 years...lol) after a week from toddler h***... this picture reminds me what it is all about... a backwards hat, cheesy grins, and a paint roller. (im sure the fumes are nice too...)

have a great weekend everyone :)


lilly language (part 2) and FOTD (see below)

some more fun ones...

pee you nunk = PU skunk
boney = zamboni (the machine that cleans the ice, for those of you not hockey literate)
nice to me = be nice to me (said MANY times to her 2 little friends today)
meesh hat = kameisha hat (this is what she calls the hat that kameisha got her for valentine's day)
me do = i want to do it!
oh boy (while hitting herself in the forehead)= oh boy (the referee at daddy's hockey game taught her this tonight... thank you ref)

ok so those are a few more, some just came to mind, and some are new (nunk...lol)

and while i am here, i will be taking names for my FOTD (friend/family of the day) blog posts!!

if you sign in here (by leaving a comment...) your name will be put in a jar. when i need something to blog about, i will draw a name, and that person becomes the FOTD!!

i get to tell how we know each other and something fun about you/us... (i wont embarrass anyone, and if i do, you have the right to request that i remove the embarrassing story.)

so come on people... comment below (just say 'hey' or 'i want to be added to your FOTD jar'... just humor me (as my mom always says). this is good for me (and you!) i have so many special people in my life, and i need to reflect on this!! ill be checking back often to see who has added their name...

(now i KNOW a lot of people read this and dont comment, so now is the time to comment, so i can tell a story about you!!)

im off to find a jar :)



randomness starting last night

-FREE lower bowl tickets to the Blue Jackets game (gotta love free stuff, especially free good stuff...wooohoooo!!)
-ate at wendy's before the game, they gave little a skunk toy... which she calls a "PEE-EWWW" (i suppose that is because we told her that skunks are stinky)
-got Lilly a Rick Nash head on a stick thing at the game... she liked it, but was freaked out by it too
-she flirted with the two hot ladies sitting next to us, and turned around pointing at a baby the whole game... oh, she danced too (80's night... much fun)
-left the game early... lilly was out way past her bedtime
-home from the Jackets game in time to see the new OC (yahooooeee!!)
-lilly to bed at 9:00 (oh good, maybe she will sleep in) (....sure)
-up at 1:00 and 1:30 to little girl getting sick all over her crib (poor little thing)
-had the day 'off' from watching kids today
-lilly wakes up at 6:45 (so much for sleeping in... oh wait, i did sleep in for 30 minutes...) she is feeling fine now...
-did errands without a crazy schedule or 'the bank closes in 10 minutes" rush(very nice)
-went to the library and lilly met a new friend lily/lilly. she liked her mom so much she sat on her lap and held her hand to go check out books (AH!!) i am so glad she is not socially deprived... but goodness, i think my lilly would have gone home with the other lily/lilly's mom
-went to Cord Camera and got some nice paper and alpha sticker deals (although i need to go back tomorrow without the drama queen... as i just found out i missed some more good deals!)
-went to dave's office, lilly flirted with eveyone there
-went out to eat with dave for lunch to cosi (1st time visit, it was ok...)
-came home and napped... i napped too (ah... i miss that, A LOT)
-watched ELLEN while we waited for daddy to get home... ellen danced to CALIFORNIA LOVE... love love love that... one of my top ten favorite songs!!! (if i had a list...)
-went to wal-mart to get some stuff for a meal with friends on sunday
-lilly says "PEE-EWWW" about half the time we are there... (she was crabby so i started asking her animal sounds... mistakenly asked about a skunk, and she was all set for the rest of the trip)
-home for a bath, hair dried, pj's on, story read, prayers said, rocking done... kisses goodnight...
-and here i sit waiting for dave to be done on ebay so we can watch a movie.

my friday nights rule!


language with lilly (part 1)

lilly's vocab and 'phrases' are exploding at the moment... thought id share just a few off the top of my head :)

my = mine (this is said very often... my juice, my baby, my socks... said happily or angrily, or during a battle of 'who does this belong to' with the 2 other 2 year olds in the house)

way wake! = wake up (this is screamed as loud as her little lungs allow)

key up = clean up (glad this is in the vocab at all!)

daddy = daddy (this is said before and after many other words)

mama = mommy (this is also said before and after many other words)

puh puh daddy = pick me up daddy (she used to say 'bup' for up, but that recently changed when she figured out how to make phrases)

i keem = ice cream (this is also screamed at the top of her toddler lungs, as "i scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM" is a line in one of her favorite songs)

scuse = excuse me (this is after burping or tooting...)

scuse daddy = excuse you daddy (see above)

que me = excuse me (as in, get out of my way)

que mama = excuse me mommy (as in, get of of my way mom)

tay too = thank you

burgher = burger (favorite out to eat food of the moment)

cool = cool (this is hilarious... our 2 year old's choice adjective, and she knows how to use it!)

guhn = good

kees = kiss

catch = catch, i caught you/it, i'm gonna catch you (one word, 3 uses... good idea)

and our favorite thus far... a very nice little sentence that our precious adorable little baby girl put together all by herself...

"boogey out, daddy look!"

no explanation necessary :)


a new page

something quick... heres a new LO... totally inspired by one of missy's (not my sister missy)LOs, look here. she is truly awesome... amazing how my LO looks nothing like her LO. ah well, its another page done, and i tried...

this was done for 'the dares' challenge... 'cycles' over at 2peas. i thought of our nightly routine, and how lilly has a few things that used to be mine... 2 cycles in one.

ta ta....


a loooong weekend...

we took at little trip home this weekend...
had many nice vists with friends a family...
that makes for one very tired mommy.
we enjoy our vists, but it makes me sad we dont get to see eveyone more often. i hope to post pictures from our visits soon :)

but for now, a picture from friday.
surprisingly, i got this adorable picture... not long after almost pulling my hair out.

(i like to bake with the kids, and they love it :) well, before i could get this too too cute picture here is what we went through...)

-2 eggs broken on the floor (1 by me, 1 by lilly)

-lilly chugging cinnamon (ooh lilly) followed by some gags and lilly saying 'ucky' and 'messy' (well, yeah...)

-one head hit on the corner of the counter (it was the little guy i watch... hes right at counter height...) he was so sad...sobbing. while he is crying... i give him a big hug and say...
"are you ready to make cookies now?"
he says "nooooo..."
i ask "why not?"
he says "im still cryin'".... (oh i LOVE these kids!!) sooo fun :)

-oh and lastly (i think) lilly unscrews the lid off my 3/4 full water bottle and dumps it all over the counter, trickling down the barstool all over her lap and the floor. but she did enjoy cleaning it up.

and the cutest picture of them admiring their work(you'd never know the drama that got us here...)

i seriously love these little people :)

a happy week to all...



we have a design team at mandarin pixie... yahoo!!
today is the 1st month for posting their work!
these 2 ladies are AWESOME!!! love them :)
go check out their great work!!

the mp blog or mandarin pixie

enjoy :)
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