language with lilly (part 1)

lilly's vocab and 'phrases' are exploding at the moment... thought id share just a few off the top of my head :)

my = mine (this is said very often... my juice, my baby, my socks... said happily or angrily, or during a battle of 'who does this belong to' with the 2 other 2 year olds in the house)

way wake! = wake up (this is screamed as loud as her little lungs allow)

key up = clean up (glad this is in the vocab at all!)

daddy = daddy (this is said before and after many other words)

mama = mommy (this is also said before and after many other words)

puh puh daddy = pick me up daddy (she used to say 'bup' for up, but that recently changed when she figured out how to make phrases)

i keem = ice cream (this is also screamed at the top of her toddler lungs, as "i scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM" is a line in one of her favorite songs)

scuse = excuse me (this is after burping or tooting...)

scuse daddy = excuse you daddy (see above)

que me = excuse me (as in, get out of my way)

que mama = excuse me mommy (as in, get of of my way mom)

tay too = thank you

burgher = burger (favorite out to eat food of the moment)

cool = cool (this is hilarious... our 2 year old's choice adjective, and she knows how to use it!)

guhn = good

kees = kiss

catch = catch, i caught you/it, i'm gonna catch you (one word, 3 uses... good idea)

and our favorite thus far... a very nice little sentence that our precious adorable little baby girl put together all by herself...

"boogey out, daddy look!"

no explanation necessary :)


Missy said...

bwa ha ha!!
I so have to make a connor list. He's got a "boogy" phrase too... "mommy- I dot boogy- get out" tee hee.


erin said...

My dad and I were just talking about how I needed to do a scrap page of all of Joey's "isms". We have a list going. The other day we took him to the park and he got quiet and then out of the blue he said "I got a bugger in my nose." Just stating the facts. What a fun age!

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