a loooong weekend...

we took at little trip home this weekend...
had many nice vists with friends a family...
that makes for one very tired mommy.
we enjoy our vists, but it makes me sad we dont get to see eveyone more often. i hope to post pictures from our visits soon :)

but for now, a picture from friday.
surprisingly, i got this adorable picture... not long after almost pulling my hair out.

(i like to bake with the kids, and they love it :) well, before i could get this too too cute picture here is what we went through...)

-2 eggs broken on the floor (1 by me, 1 by lilly)

-lilly chugging cinnamon (ooh lilly) followed by some gags and lilly saying 'ucky' and 'messy' (well, yeah...)

-one head hit on the corner of the counter (it was the little guy i watch... hes right at counter height...) he was so sad...sobbing. while he is crying... i give him a big hug and say...
"are you ready to make cookies now?"
he says "nooooo..."
i ask "why not?"
he says "im still cryin'".... (oh i LOVE these kids!!) sooo fun :)

-oh and lastly (i think) lilly unscrews the lid off my 3/4 full water bottle and dumps it all over the counter, trickling down the barstool all over her lap and the floor. but she did enjoy cleaning it up.

and the cutest picture of them admiring their work(you'd never know the drama that got us here...)

i seriously love these little people :)

a happy week to all...


Missy said...

oh my goodness... that sounds like MADNESS!! but that pic is priceless :)

erin said...

You are right. You never would have guessed all of that happened before this sweet picture!

Rorie said...

That is the CUTEST picture!

Anonymous said...

HI Jen Its me...Laura! I ABSOLUTELY melted when I saw the pic of the kids!What a cool perspective to take that shot form! And the story had melaughing so hard my cat(shes18) looked at me as if to say, "really? Must you laugh so hard while Im sleeping?" Sorry Ive been such a slaker here! Im finally coming out of the winter funk! Im getting an OTT lite next year!

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