randomness starting last night

-FREE lower bowl tickets to the Blue Jackets game (gotta love free stuff, especially free good stuff...wooohoooo!!)
-ate at wendy's before the game, they gave little a skunk toy... which she calls a "PEE-EWWW" (i suppose that is because we told her that skunks are stinky)
-got Lilly a Rick Nash head on a stick thing at the game... she liked it, but was freaked out by it too
-she flirted with the two hot ladies sitting next to us, and turned around pointing at a baby the whole game... oh, she danced too (80's night... much fun)
-left the game early... lilly was out way past her bedtime
-home from the Jackets game in time to see the new OC (yahooooeee!!)
-lilly to bed at 9:00 (oh good, maybe she will sleep in) (....sure)
-up at 1:00 and 1:30 to little girl getting sick all over her crib (poor little thing)
-had the day 'off' from watching kids today
-lilly wakes up at 6:45 (so much for sleeping in... oh wait, i did sleep in for 30 minutes...) she is feeling fine now...
-did errands without a crazy schedule or 'the bank closes in 10 minutes" rush(very nice)
-went to the library and lilly met a new friend lily/lilly. she liked her mom so much she sat on her lap and held her hand to go check out books (AH!!) i am so glad she is not socially deprived... but goodness, i think my lilly would have gone home with the other lily/lilly's mom
-went to Cord Camera and got some nice paper and alpha sticker deals (although i need to go back tomorrow without the drama queen... as i just found out i missed some more good deals!)
-went to dave's office, lilly flirted with eveyone there
-went out to eat with dave for lunch to cosi (1st time visit, it was ok...)
-came home and napped... i napped too (ah... i miss that, A LOT)
-watched ELLEN while we waited for daddy to get home... ellen danced to CALIFORNIA LOVE... love love love that... one of my top ten favorite songs!!! (if i had a list...)
-went to wal-mart to get some stuff for a meal with friends on sunday
-lilly says "PEE-EWWW" about half the time we are there... (she was crabby so i started asking her animal sounds... mistakenly asked about a skunk, and she was all set for the rest of the trip)
-home for a bath, hair dried, pj's on, story read, prayers said, rocking done... kisses goodnight...
-and here i sit waiting for dave to be done on ebay so we can watch a movie.

my friday nights rule!


Missy said...

Nice friday!! actually sounds fabulous :)

Rorie said...

All except for the puking part, sounds like a good day!

Anonymous said...

your Fridays do rule!WE cooked some of the hunormous fish that Ike caught while fishing in Tn back the first part of Feb it wasnt wonderful. I think they were too old! Spent the rest of the night watching Cops and Beach Patrol! I love Lillys new words! OLEASE make sure and tape record them for the future! We recorded some of Amandas' first woprds on our rell to reel tape! Yeah that dates us badly! Heck shes your age! Give lil LIl a squeeze from me!

Anonymous said...

Aw shoot the above mess was from me...Laura

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