FOTD jar

so i got a baby food jar to put my FOTD names in... it was not cute. so i added ribbon and a flower... a bit nicer. just something quick and fun... (what's the FOTD jar?? read my last post...)

apparently it looks as though i only have 6 friends (and no family). boohoooo for non-commenters... and HUGS to my 6 best friends :) but dont feel left out... there is still time! you can still sign up!! reply here or in the previous post... (oh, and if you are 'just' one of my online scrapping friends... you count too!! sign in!!) i have a feeling my next blog will be a FOTD :)

i sent some of you an email where you wrote back your answers about me... let me say, that i am finding this funny, and sweet, and so so nice!! ill post the 'real' answers after a while... along with some of your answers that made me giggle :) i really really really needed a good smile this week!

to end this rambling... a pic of little dave helping daddy paint the hallway (finally did that after 3 years...lol) after a week from toddler h***... this picture reminds me what it is all about... a backwards hat, cheesy grins, and a paint roller. (im sure the fumes are nice too...)

have a great weekend everyone :)


ali said...

What color did you paint it?

Lilly looks so cute! And I love the FOTD jar!

Rorie said...

Lilly is just the cutest! I love seeing her cheesy grins, they always make me smile.
What a great idea for the FOTD jar, too. :)

erin said...

Very pretty FOTD jar! I am just using a small basket, but I might have to make it prettier after seeing your creation!

Like Ali, I want to know what color you painted? Lilly is so cute and cooperative for pictures. I wish Joey were half as cooperative!

Missy said...

awwww look at lil' lilly... so cute with her paint roller!!

I am so glad we bumped into each other tonight! Fate, I tell ya ;)

Anonymous said...

Jen-Lillian Kaye is the cutest :) Is the tape finally off the upstairs wall? Ha Ha Deb

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