The Cup.

Today I got to scrap with one of my great friends :) YEAH!!
It was soooo nice to finally scrap again and spend time with a friend!

While I was there Dave called and said they were headed to my Aunt's house. Of course he wouldn't tell me why, as he likes to torture me with surprises.

My Aunt had called Dave to tell him that something special was making a visit to her neighborhood.

When I got home Lilly kept saying "We got to see a trophy".

Here are the photos they had to share :)

For those of you who don't follow hockey... that is The Stanley Cup :)

How fun is that?!?!


checking in.

still here.
life is tough. but good,

some of the things on my t0-do list.
-write thank you cards (gifts are still coming! cohen is one lucky little man!)
-pay bills (so grateful we are able to, even if it is paycheck to paycheck)
-sort through pictures (ones we took, and more taken by dave's co-worker)
-laundry (as always)
-fill out lilly's preschool paper work (oh my!!)
-get stuff ready to scrap with erin this weekend (yahoo!!)

some of the things from last week...
-i gave lilly her 1st hair cut (and it looks decent! ill add a pic at the end)
-lilly had her 1st gymnastics class (and LOVED it!)
-went to a bday party an hour and a half early on accident (got to see my 'other' kids... miss them a bunch)
-another fancy photo shoot of the kiddos. (ill share those soon i hope)

im sure ive failed to mention 'everything' that has happened since i last wrote.

here are some pictures... im sure that's what you are all here to see anyhow :)


family photo shoot

on each of our wedding anniversaries, we take a family picture. it's been fun to watch our family grow from 2, to 3, and now... to 4!

usually dave sets up the tripod and runs back just before the camera clicks. the 'timer-and- run' pictures have worked just fine so far, but this year we were very fortunate to have one of dave's co-workers take some professional family photos. i am so excited to have such wonderful pictures :)

here are just a few of my favorites...

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