The Cup.

Today I got to scrap with one of my great friends :) YEAH!!
It was soooo nice to finally scrap again and spend time with a friend!

While I was there Dave called and said they were headed to my Aunt's house. Of course he wouldn't tell me why, as he likes to torture me with surprises.

My Aunt had called Dave to tell him that something special was making a visit to her neighborhood.

When I got home Lilly kept saying "We got to see a trophy".

Here are the photos they had to share :)

For those of you who don't follow hockey... that is The Stanley Cup :)

How fun is that?!?!


erin said...

OMG! So Dave did get involved with hockey in some way this weekend! LOL! Those pictures are absolutely priceless! You must scrap those right away!

It was great seeing you today!

Val said...

So cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Doesn't Dave know of the Cup curse? If you touch it, you'll never win it or something silly like that...now Cohen will NEVER win the cup! Just Kidding!
Those pictures are so cute and much better than my cup pictures from the HHOF a few years ago, of course I was a little big to sit IN the cup! :) HAHA!
Great to see ya'll doing so well!
Hope to actually SEE you soon!

Anonymous said...

I love Cohen's facial expression in the last picture. Kind of like "Dad, what are you doing to me?" Love it!


Katie Jones said...

what a treat. What fun they must have had.

Les Finley said...

Great pictures ! Grandpa Finley, I sent the link to the Findlay Courier, newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Cool.I will be checking out the paper for this. KarenR.

rmeyfe said...

That is really cool!!

denise said...

Way cool!!! What a fun day for all of you guys. I'm sure you and Erin had a blast scrapping. Cohen is such a peanut:) Great pictures!

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