date night

'how about a date night tonight?' dave emailed me friday morning.

i'm always up for one of our date nights.
not sure i ever turned one down.
our date nights are simple.
and we don't mind at all.

a movie.
and some type of junk food.
last night...
a free redbox movie, thanks to a code in dave's email folder.
and chocolate covered frozen bananas, thanks to what we had on hand.
a totally free date night.

being at home with my best friend is really all i wanted :)
see... we started dating at 17.  pizza and a movie were our dates.
and a few number of years later... it's still our favorite date.
i'd choose this over going out any day.

catching up on the bachelorette, big brother and friday night lights.
i can't wait :)

and the bananas...
frozen bananas are the big rage all over blogland right now.

these? oh yum.
slice a banana (or 2) into inch-ish slices.  whatever size you like really.
cover in melted dipping chocolate. (i used part chocolate/part white ghirardelli scraps for this batch... though adding some peanut butter sounds amazing.)
put on a wax paper lined tray, and put in the freezer.
i think ours were in about 3 hours.
take out just before eating.
delicious. tastes like ice cream :)

oh and the movie?
the adjustment bureau.
(pretty good one.)


baby 3 pics :)

weighing in at 14 ounces... our newest little one!
i was so excited this baby measured in under a pound :)
(lilly and cohen were just over a pound at their 20 week appointments.)
though true to my baby growing skills...
my doctor said im measuring a little ahead of schedule.
(aka: it's another big baby in the works.)
gratefully, the technician told me to look away while she measured the baby's femur, just in case.  and i turned my head. and i'm so glad...
because i have no visual inkling of whether it's a boy or girl :)

it is so hard to believe this pregnancy is half way through.
this is going way faster than i remember.
it only takes 40 weeks to grow a human being.
wow. amazing. totally amazing.
(you can bet i won't be saying that at 38 weeks ;)


a day at lakeside

one of our favorite places.  lakeside.
we went up for chip richter's concert the beginning of july.

we had fun riding the golf cart...
playing shuffleboard...
 a picnic dinner and the concert!
 and what's a concert without some video?

we are already planning a return day trip once the busy (hot) season is over :)


florida 2011

a sampling of our florida pictures :)

first time on a plane!
the first hotel's pool....
 cooling off...
 looking cute...
dinner with uncle rick in daytona beach...
 ready to swim...
 downtown disney...
magic kingdom!
the view out our window at the 2nd resort!  pools everywhere :)
it was hot.
very very hot.
but we had a lot of fun.
see you in a few years, florida!


long time no blog

woah. long time no blog.
not too much of a surprise really though.
as much as i do love my blog...
there are other things i love a bit a lot more.


life is getting a wee bit busy around here.
(or at least now i'm seeing the busy-ness that it always was.)
and i only expect it to get busier...
maybe we should substitute the word busy with the word... full.

my life is full.
with lots of great things. and people.
and i want to be the best i can be for the people in my life.
(and id like a few naps. please.)

and so i have decided to step away from Sweet Day for a while.
i'm reclaiming my kitchen (& many precious hours) for me and my family.
(gift certificates are most definitely still valid!!)
Little Bean is however up and stiching away!!
keeping me just busy enough. and helping our family in many ways.
thank you.
for supporting me.
and my full life :)
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