long time no blog

woah. long time no blog.
not too much of a surprise really though.
as much as i do love my blog...
there are other things i love a bit a lot more.


sarah said...

my blog is slacking too...and i don't have two cute little excuses like you :)it's summer, blogging falls to the wayside in the summer.


Rorie said...

Oo, so where'd you go on your vacation? Looks like fun. :)
Those peas look simply delicious. Mmmmm.

Kirchner'sblog said...

Yeah! Disney soooo much FUN!!

arminda said...

Ack I was just about to post something very similar. Only I have my own little excuses. ;) I guess it's not a bad thing that we are neglecting our blogs! Glad you're enjoying your summer!

Krysty said...

I LOVE all these pics! You are having a FUN summer! I was just checking in to catch up (finally) and just love seeing your kids' smiling faces. And that sweet baby bump too. :) Hopefully we'll see you soon at church! (I've missed for the last month, I think!)

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