date night

'how about a date night tonight?' dave emailed me friday morning.

i'm always up for one of our date nights.
not sure i ever turned one down.
our date nights are simple.
and we don't mind at all.

a movie.
and some type of junk food.
last night...
a free redbox movie, thanks to a code in dave's email folder.
and chocolate covered frozen bananas, thanks to what we had on hand.
a totally free date night.

being at home with my best friend is really all i wanted :)
see... we started dating at 17.  pizza and a movie were our dates.
and a few number of years later... it's still our favorite date.
i'd choose this over going out any day.

catching up on the bachelorette, big brother and friday night lights.
i can't wait :)

and the bananas...
frozen bananas are the big rage all over blogland right now.

these? oh yum.
slice a banana (or 2) into inch-ish slices.  whatever size you like really.
cover in melted dipping chocolate. (i used part chocolate/part white ghirardelli scraps for this batch... though adding some peanut butter sounds amazing.)
put on a wax paper lined tray, and put in the freezer.
i think ours were in about 3 hours.
take out just before eating.
delicious. tastes like ice cream :)

oh and the movie?
the adjustment bureau.
(pretty good one.)


Jen said...

Love it! I am perfectly content with a movie night at home...my favorite kind of date night! In fact, we have a movie picked out for tonight...

And chocolate bananas...um, yum!

Rorie said...

Well those sound absolutely delicious!
What an enjoyable date night. :) Any time spent alone with dh is great, isn't it?

Swedish Mama said...

Your night brings back good memories:

Kids asleep, pets with full tummies. Just us. Our snack was popcorn made in a pan that belonged to my great-great Aunt Sophie. On the TV--it didn't matter, we were together.

Warm fuzzies. Still like just sitting with my sweetie.

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