baby 3 pics :)

weighing in at 14 ounces... our newest little one!
i was so excited this baby measured in under a pound :)
(lilly and cohen were just over a pound at their 20 week appointments.)
though true to my baby growing skills...
my doctor said im measuring a little ahead of schedule.
(aka: it's another big baby in the works.)
gratefully, the technician told me to look away while she measured the baby's femur, just in case.  and i turned my head. and i'm so glad...
because i have no visual inkling of whether it's a boy or girl :)

it is so hard to believe this pregnancy is half way through.
this is going way faster than i remember.
it only takes 40 weeks to grow a human being.
wow. amazing. totally amazing.
(you can bet i won't be saying that at 38 weeks ;)


chloë. said...


and it's funny you mention, because I used to complain that if God could make the entire UNIVERSE in seven days, couldn't he surely make a baby in six months? LOL, pray for me.

Katie said...

yay! I think it's girl and we should call her KatieFin! ;o)

arminda said...

Wow you are so awesome to not want to find out! :) So exciting!!

And I love that your apple dip recipe is showing on your LinkWithin...reminds me I need to make some! Did you know that that very recipe is on our Summer List this year thanks to your post last year? :) haha

Rorie said...

I can't even begin to tell you how difficult it would be for me to not find out the gender. One of my friends here did that and it drove me insane, LOL! But good for you for staying strong and waiting for the surprise at the end. (That must be my problem - I'm not good at waiting!)

Sam said...

I don't know, that thing looks like an alien. :)

Swedish Mama said...

So excited for you family.

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