life is getting a wee bit busy around here.
(or at least now i'm seeing the busy-ness that it always was.)
and i only expect it to get busier...
maybe we should substitute the word busy with the word... full.

my life is full.
with lots of great things. and people.
and i want to be the best i can be for the people in my life.
(and id like a few naps. please.)

and so i have decided to step away from Sweet Day for a while.
i'm reclaiming my kitchen (& many precious hours) for me and my family.
(gift certificates are most definitely still valid!!)
Little Bean is however up and stiching away!!
keeping me just busy enough. and helping our family in many ways.
thank you.
for supporting me.
and my full life :)


ali said...

You are a wise woman!

Rorie said...

I don't blame you. Family first! :)

Jen said...

Life can be full in a good way and a bad way...and sometimes even when it is all good, it is still just too much. You are wise to be able to understand this!

arminda said...

*hugs* :)

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