meet baby Fin :)

most of you have heard the news... here he is!

the big boy :)

Cohen David
9 pounds 10 ounces
20.5 inches

He was finally ready... and in about 4 hours from start to finish, he was born!

Miss Lillian is loving her baby brother :)


happy birthday to me.

i really didnt think id still be pregnant on my birthday.
i'm once again being reminded that i really dont have that much control over anything :)

here are a few pics from sunday... my bday.

the boobah and me before church...

and a picture of fin and me... after a huge meal at salvi's (which by the way was the best breakfast/lunch/dessert buffet ever) and fin is in some sort of position that makes my stomach look like some strange alien shape. (lilly did that towards the end of her pregnancy too... lol)

ok... so that is one more post from me!
laundry needs folding and the timer just went off for the graham cracker brownies in the oven :)

have a happy week!



still here.
still very pregnant.
taking a new approach and enjoying this time rather than being bummed that Fin doesn't seem to want out early as did his/her sister.
trying to walk a lot. not helping much.
(besides giving me shooting pains in places that noone should ever have to feel shooting pains)

my sister sent us surprise dinner and dessert on tuesday.
from iacono's. a local italian restraurant. YUM. delicious.
and cookie sandwiches from cookies by design.
now those should be illegal to a person trying not to grow a 10 pound baby.

in lilly news...
she has been accepted into our school district's preschool program as a peer model! we are very excited and proud of her!

to be honest i was a bit nervous about her getting in as she was just over the birthday line, and they only had 15 spots left for the school year, and were interviewing/observing 36 kids that day. not to mention that when she came back from the hour and a half observation she had marker all over her face :) from 'smelling' the markers. i take total credit for that as i had her smell an orange flavored one of ours just a few days earlier... see, she does listen after all!!

ok... well, i think im going to send dave out for ice cream (enjoying that part of still being pregnant) and we are going to catch up on some TV that we have taped. our friday nights are the best :)

happy weekend all!


more belly pics

the top pic is the most recent belly pic, with Fin.

the next pic... that's me with lilly a week earlier than i am now.

a tad different... wouldn't you say? hehehe...

could this be the last of the belly pics?
i hope so, but i doubt it.
this baby seems fine and cozy while it's growing into a 10 pounder :)

here's the cute little belly girl... anxiously awaiting her little brother or sister.

and here is baby Fin's first tattoo :)
given by big sister lilly on Easter.

this particular tattoo has since been rubbed off and replaced with a butterfly... after i was scolded by the little mommy for washing the 1st one off.

alright everyone... can't guarantee another post for a while...
but i'll be back on sooner or later :)


the party

here are some pics from miss L's big party :)

the invite.
quick, simple, but cute, i think.
sorry... not a good pic.

the cake.
i made it :)
pretty proud.
though i was a bit crazy for starting the seeds at 9:30 the night before the big day.
but... it got done AND it looked like a strawberry. yeah!

too many, of course :)
but so proud of lilly for using her manners and saying thank you to everyone as she opened them up.

the pinata.
from aunt melissa :)
rain and cold outside means...
the pinata stays inside our tiny little house.
hanging from a broken hockey stick held by daddy.
mommy on the couch with a big pillow in her lap.
praying no one hits the TV... or a person.
all went well. no injuries to report.
(and yes... the kids used a little hockey stick for whacking the pinata)

all in all, a very fun party.

so glad to have so many family and friends with us.

of course... cramped for mommy with so many people in the house, but hey... can't control the weather in march. or anytime in ohio really.

thank you to dee for taking more pictures than me!! amazing what i forget to do these days :)

and now, on to the next celebration... happy easter to all!


the belly. the belly.
oooh, i love the belly.
(sung to the tune of that one veggie tales song)
ah... the nurse at the OB today said that my belly was so pretty with no stretch marks.
(that's true i dont have stretch marks... which is nice)
then she said i was going to have a tiny baby :)
i could have KISSED her :)
she sure knows what to tell a pregnant woman :)
im posting this pic for a baby Fin poll...
maybe it will give people more educated guesses :)

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