still here.
still very pregnant.
taking a new approach and enjoying this time rather than being bummed that Fin doesn't seem to want out early as did his/her sister.
trying to walk a lot. not helping much.
(besides giving me shooting pains in places that noone should ever have to feel shooting pains)

my sister sent us surprise dinner and dessert on tuesday.
from iacono's. a local italian restraurant. YUM. delicious.
and cookie sandwiches from cookies by design.
now those should be illegal to a person trying not to grow a 10 pound baby.

in lilly news...
she has been accepted into our school district's preschool program as a peer model! we are very excited and proud of her!

to be honest i was a bit nervous about her getting in as she was just over the birthday line, and they only had 15 spots left for the school year, and were interviewing/observing 36 kids that day. not to mention that when she came back from the hour and a half observation she had marker all over her face :) from 'smelling' the markers. i take total credit for that as i had her smell an orange flavored one of ours just a few days earlier... see, she does listen after all!!

ok... well, i think im going to send dave out for ice cream (enjoying that part of still being pregnant) and we are going to catch up on some TV that we have taped. our friday nights are the best :)

happy weekend all!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JEN!!! I hope you have a wonderful day. Take advantage of still being pregnant and it being your birthday... eat lots and lots of cake and ice cream!! Oh, and Melissa.. what a great sister!! That was so nice of her to send dinner and dessert! Talk to you soon.


Katie Jones said...

Enjoy the cookies and the ice cream you should get lots of yummies before little fin comes! Hugs!

ali said...

Sounds like a great Friday night!!! I am so glad that you are enjoying the end of your pregnancy!!! We think of you every day and can't wait to hear the good news.

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