happy birthday to me.

i really didnt think id still be pregnant on my birthday.
i'm once again being reminded that i really dont have that much control over anything :)

here are a few pics from sunday... my bday.

the boobah and me before church...

and a picture of fin and me... after a huge meal at salvi's (which by the way was the best breakfast/lunch/dessert buffet ever) and fin is in some sort of position that makes my stomach look like some strange alien shape. (lilly did that towards the end of her pregnancy too... lol)

ok... so that is one more post from me!
laundry needs folding and the timer just went off for the graham cracker brownies in the oven :)

have a happy week!


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday, Jen!!!

Rorie said...

Oo, graham cracker brownies? That sounds sooo good! Can you come cook for me? :)

ali said...

Wow! Salvi's is so yummy! What a great birthday treat!

You're still looking great!!!

Denise said...

Happy Birthday Jen! You look wonderful:) Enjoy these final days of your pregnancy. Can't wait to hear the news!

Janelle said...

Happy birthday! You look beautiful to me! :)

Anonymous said...

Not annon its laura! Ok forget the shapre Im marvelling at the lack of stretch marks! Ive enver had a baby over 7.9 and I look like the Il road map!LOL You look great. Oh please dont tell me that Lilly watches the boobahs too! olivia loves it and walks around singing Boo-Bah! Shes 10 mos walking and finally has two teeth!

rmeyfe said...

Congrats to you!! I heard the good news!!!

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