holiday hello

Not too much longer till another Christmas is here.
My 'to-do' list is a mile long.
Thought I'd squeeze in a quick post while my machine is stitching out some Christmas gifts :)

The kids in matching PJs :)
On the couch, which is in front of the tree for baby-proofing purposes.

Dave and Lilly made gingerbread cookies.
Not sure who had more fun, Lilly or Daddy :)

A sample from our annual Christmas card photo shoot.
This pic was from the 1st of 3 sessions.
It gets more challenging every year.

Happy Holidays to you all!


Not to be out done.

Well, Lilly doesn't like being out of the spotlight.
She wanted a post of her own, so she gave me something to blog about.
So, she went and got her finger stuck. For real.
I don't think it really hurt, I think she was just scared (and mad cause I took pictures instead of helping her get unstuck.)
It lasted just long enough for me to get some pictures :)

If you couldn't tell already, click here to see what her finger is stuck in.

The best is when she said... "Mom, if that was a real kitty I might have poop on my finger." To which I replied... "If that was a real cat, you wouldn't be putting your finger in it's rear end!"

Oh, I do love this girl :)
I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Have a good week everyone!!

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