Not to be out done.

Well, Lilly doesn't like being out of the spotlight.
She wanted a post of her own, so she gave me something to blog about.
So, she went and got her finger stuck. For real.
I don't think it really hurt, I think she was just scared (and mad cause I took pictures instead of helping her get unstuck.)
It lasted just long enough for me to get some pictures :)

If you couldn't tell already, click here to see what her finger is stuck in.

The best is when she said... "Mom, if that was a real kitty I might have poop on my finger." To which I replied... "If that was a real cat, you wouldn't be putting your finger in it's rear end!"

Oh, I do love this girl :)
I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Have a good week everyone!!


rmeyfe said...

Oh too funny!! But if it poops out candy you might want to put your finger in there. LOL!!!

Betty said...

ja,ja,ja,.. I feel bad for her because this pictures made me laugh. Poor Lily...I guess that girls are drama queen since they
are born. Delany is a drama queen with a capital letter ja,ja,ja,...

Anonymous said...

These pics look like those that end up being posted on a collage at a high school graduation party. Ha! Poor girl. Hilarious though!


Janelle said...

LOL! Too funny! Glad she didn't stay stuck for long... and WTG, Mom, on taking those blackmail pics, LOL!

erin said...

OMG! That is HILARIOUS! Definitely need to pull out those pictures when she is about 16 - please let me be there! LOL

Katie Jones said...


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