belly photo shoot

we are 99% sure that baby weston is our last baby.
to remember and cherish this time in our life, 
we had pictures taken by a friend of ours.
(thank you tracey!)

it was fun to get these back after weston was born.
a little bittersweet :)

these were taken 5 days before we met our new little man.
here are a few of my favorites :)


Merry Christmas 2011!

each year... i torture my children (and myself) and i take
our own Christmas card pictures.
(mostly because i am cheap. and why not do it on my own if i can?)
 usally, after about 100 pics... i can find one that i like well enough to use.
 this year, i waited extra long to take the pics.
(mostly because we wanted to include our new little family member in the pictures :)  (and also because i wanted to mail weston's birth announcements at the same time ;)
and i also wanted to be sure that the place i order our prints
was out of envelopes, so that i could wait even longer to mail them out.
 next year, the cards should go out sooner.
and im sure everyone will love my photo session, as always.
and by the final card, you'd never know the drama that comes along :)

Merry Christmas to all my blog readers!


welcome Weston :)

Weston Dean :)
December 7th, 2011
9lbs, 20.5 inches


happy bday dave :)

I love that my dad is very nice.
He's very handsome.
He's very special to me.
I like that he can skate really really fast.
He's unique because he's bald.
xoxo, Lilly
I like that he plays hockey.
I like that he's a fan of hockey.
He kisses me.
He hugs me.
He fishes.
xoxo, Cohen
 I'll never forget seeing that 16 year old boy.
Sitting at a table at the ice rink.
Eating a personal pan pizza.
Wearing his letterman's jacket.
And a backwards black skull hat.
I knew I had to meet him :)
Not only is that boy now my husband 
and the father of my most precious gifts, 
but he is my best friend.
And for that, I am so very blessed.
 happy birthday to my best friend ever.
i love you sweetie boy.
growing old with you is going to be wonderful.


the baby's room :)

a gallon of paint.
3 white frames.
a dowel rod.
some things we had.
some things we made with what we had.
a very talented husband who loves me a lot.
the new baby's room :)
 love love love love love.
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