happy bday dave :)

I love that my dad is very nice.
He's very handsome.
He's very special to me.
I like that he can skate really really fast.
He's unique because he's bald.
xoxo, Lilly
I like that he plays hockey.
I like that he's a fan of hockey.
He kisses me.
He hugs me.
He fishes.
xoxo, Cohen
 I'll never forget seeing that 16 year old boy.
Sitting at a table at the ice rink.
Eating a personal pan pizza.
Wearing his letterman's jacket.
And a backwards black skull hat.
I knew I had to meet him :)
Not only is that boy now my husband 
and the father of my most precious gifts, 
but he is my best friend.
And for that, I am so very blessed.
 happy birthday to my best friend ever.
i love you sweetie boy.
growing old with you is going to be wonderful.


David4784 said...

Thank you sweeite girl.. I love you all very much!

Katy Cameron said...

Happy birthday to Dave, love the birthday messages too!

Rorie said...

I love the messages from Lilly and Cohen. So sweet! :)

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