not me...

a few blogs i follow do a 'not me monday'.... where they admit to the things that they most certainly have not ever done.

so, it's not monday... but i do have a 'not me' list :)
and i need some fun right now.

-i did not wear my 5 year old daughter's socks (twice) out jogging because at first i thought they were mine (twice)
-nor did i go jogging bra-less one time because i couldnt find a sports bra right when i needed it (not that i really need one)
-i do not hear the word 'hockey' approximately 100 times a day from my adorable 2 year old son
-i do not let that same son run around 'nakey' while he is potty training
-nor do i travel around town with a potty seat in the trunk of the minivan
-and i certainly don't drive around town with tinkle in that potty seat
-and i absolutely don't empty that tinkle into our plants, or other random grassy places that aren't in my own yard
-i do not at all love napping
-i did not eat at least half of the 9x13 pan of spinach artichoke dip all by myself
-or the brownies, or those chocolate covered oreos. no, i didnt eat too many of those
-i did not crazily swat at a bee pestering me (in order to be a good roll model for my kids)
-and that bee definitely did not sting me, right under the eye, and it did not swell up for 2 days
-my husband did not get cut in the neck with a hockey skate last week
-i am not squeezing a garage sale into a jam packed schedule
-i have not had an amazing ride this past month
-i do not have any exciting news to share with you :)

be back sooner or later ;)



i just saw this posted over on Aaron's blog, and i HAD to share. immediately.

i am a big sap for these things. tears and all...

think i could talk dave into doing this for our 10 year anniversary??



it's no secret that i follow a lot of blogs.
a while back, i won an adorable skirt for lilly on one of these blogs.
it's a repurposed skirt :)

getting this skirt in the mail inspired me to try out a few patterns that i had found in blogland and bookmarked for future use.
so... i remembered a few of dave's old work shirts that he had put in the garage sale box, that i had snagged up and thrown into my fabric box:) and wallah!!
a new skirt for the little lady.
a new pair of shorts for the little man.

even more fun knowing that they were made from daddy's shirts :)


family pics at the beach

so here it is!!
the last installment of our beach 2009 vacation :)

self family portraits on the beach...

we can't wait to see you again, beach!!


beach life...

beach life.
we saw dolphins 3 or 4 days.
a few kinds of seagulls.
little bitty fish (like minnows) being swept in with the waves.

we saw a few jelly creatures... not many, but this was a pretty one.

best of all, we saw an itty bitty crab!!!
(that's lilly's hand in the picture!)

crabs are my newest thing.
i adore them :)

i was hoping to see tons of crabs all over the place, but we apparently weren't at that kind of beach. while walking back to the villa one day, lilly found this... and i was SOOO excited.

oh my... adorable!!!
enjoy this little video... including a lilly song :)

after this, only one last beach blog post... family pictures :)


signs and art

another beach vacation installment... just about done!!
here are some fun signs and art from our trip :)

have a good week!!


mock senior pics at the beach.

welcome to the 4th installment of photos from our beach vacation!! (hope i'm not boring you yet....)

on friday night we went to ft. macon for a picnic dinner and live music. we got to see the Unknown Tongues.... a Cajun Zydeco Band.
very fun. i LOVE live music!! id almost share the video that dave taped of the kids and i dancing, but lets just say that dave's video did not capture my best side ;)
here are some pics of the fort...

this was the walkway into the main grassy area...
it was a beautiful setting and i said to dave... 'this would be a great place for senior pics!!'
so... off he went, one by one, with the kids for some fun pics :)


transportation at the beach

besides the 13 hour car trip... here are some transportation pics from vacation :)

the coast guard flew right along the beach... with guys dangling their legs out the back.

the kids rode the kmart carousel.
remember those?

cohen rode the cooler.
because that's what he does.
and lastly... jammin in the odyssey.
rockin out to the most current of cohen's favorite songs :)


happy 4th

-pig roast with fireworks.
-breakfast, parade, and cookout for lunch (with bubbles and water balloons!).
-bday party and cookout for dinner.

we should sleep well tonight...

happy 4th of july from us to you!!


food at the beach :)

installment 2 of our beach 2009 pics = FOOD :)

each day we made and ate breakfast in our little suite.
and either lunch or dinner at 'home' too.
the other of the two was 'out to eat'.
which is a VERY big treat in our household.

first stop.
we stopped here before checking in on the 1st day.
we got a huge 'family pack' whose leftovers lasted us at least 3 days.
we were introduced to vinegar based BBQ. pretty tasty :)
the kids were introduced to hush puppies. yum.

next stop.
rucker john's. pretty good.
not sure that we'd go back though.

they had turtles outside in the pond/canal/water.
kind of like we have big nasty carp swimming around here in ohio.
turtles are much more fun :)

the best part though...
dave asked for water with lemon.
(as we always do... to make poor man's lemondade.)

they bring out this lemon flavor crystal stuff... in a little packet.
like sweetner.
of course dave had to play it up by hanging the packet over the side of his cup like a REAL lemon.

ooh, now to the BEST place we ate.
i miss it already. have missed it since the day we left.
(till lilly reminded me that i still have my favorite restaruant back home)

The Sanitary (i know the name isn's to lovely, but who cares!!)
we went twice. i would have gone a 3rd time had we planned things better.

2 words. (or is it really 1 word? no matter!!)
hush puppies.
the best EVER.

then... they bring us butter.
butter on fried food?
at first i was thinking... that's kind of nasty.
then i realized. hush puppies are pretty much fried cornbread, and i DO put butter on my cornbread.... sooooo, it must be ok :) (let's just say it's a good thing i don't live near this place.)

their seafood was delicious as well. dave had 2 types of fresh fish. clam chowder and some other corn clam chowder. homemade. delicious. the kids and i ate shrimp and clams. when the shrimp comes out in all different sizes you know its right off the boat :) delicious sides as well... boiled potatoes, beans, sweet potatoes, squash casserole... mmmmmm.... cant wait to go back!!

one more treat.
a treat because we don't ever buy them at home.
that's what vacation is all about ;)

strawberry shortcake ice cream bars.
these are MY favorite ice cream treats :)
the kids liked them. even though they were melting faster than they could eat them! can you tell i love food?
sadly, a bit too much.

(ps. cohen got that bruise on his cheek within the 1st hour of checking into our villa. the dishwasher door was down, he did a graceful "back into the dishwasher door, sit down on the door, roll off onto the floor and land on your face manuever" that left a pretty nice bruise for most of the week. what can i say? he's a boy. with my coordination.)
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