food at the beach :)

installment 2 of our beach 2009 pics = FOOD :)

each day we made and ate breakfast in our little suite.
and either lunch or dinner at 'home' too.
the other of the two was 'out to eat'.
which is a VERY big treat in our household.

first stop.
we stopped here before checking in on the 1st day.
we got a huge 'family pack' whose leftovers lasted us at least 3 days.
we were introduced to vinegar based BBQ. pretty tasty :)
the kids were introduced to hush puppies. yum.

next stop.
rucker john's. pretty good.
not sure that we'd go back though.

they had turtles outside in the pond/canal/water.
kind of like we have big nasty carp swimming around here in ohio.
turtles are much more fun :)

the best part though...
dave asked for water with lemon.
(as we always do... to make poor man's lemondade.)

they bring out this lemon flavor crystal stuff... in a little packet.
like sweetner.
of course dave had to play it up by hanging the packet over the side of his cup like a REAL lemon.

ooh, now to the BEST place we ate.
i miss it already. have missed it since the day we left.
(till lilly reminded me that i still have my favorite restaruant back home)

The Sanitary (i know the name isn's to lovely, but who cares!!)
we went twice. i would have gone a 3rd time had we planned things better.

2 words. (or is it really 1 word? no matter!!)
hush puppies.
the best EVER.

then... they bring us butter.
butter on fried food?
at first i was thinking... that's kind of nasty.
then i realized. hush puppies are pretty much fried cornbread, and i DO put butter on my cornbread.... sooooo, it must be ok :) (let's just say it's a good thing i don't live near this place.)

their seafood was delicious as well. dave had 2 types of fresh fish. clam chowder and some other corn clam chowder. homemade. delicious. the kids and i ate shrimp and clams. when the shrimp comes out in all different sizes you know its right off the boat :) delicious sides as well... boiled potatoes, beans, sweet potatoes, squash casserole... mmmmmm.... cant wait to go back!!

one more treat.
a treat because we don't ever buy them at home.
that's what vacation is all about ;)

strawberry shortcake ice cream bars.
these are MY favorite ice cream treats :)
the kids liked them. even though they were melting faster than they could eat them! can you tell i love food?
sadly, a bit too much.

(ps. cohen got that bruise on his cheek within the 1st hour of checking into our villa. the dishwasher door was down, he did a graceful "back into the dishwasher door, sit down on the door, roll off onto the floor and land on your face manuever" that left a pretty nice bruise for most of the week. what can i say? he's a boy. with my coordination.)

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Krysty said...

Yum! you're making me hungry! We love seafood....and poor man's lemonade too! Funny about the lemon packets...didn't know they existed!
Where did you vacation?

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