not me...

a few blogs i follow do a 'not me monday'.... where they admit to the things that they most certainly have not ever done.

so, it's not monday... but i do have a 'not me' list :)
and i need some fun right now.

-i did not wear my 5 year old daughter's socks (twice) out jogging because at first i thought they were mine (twice)
-nor did i go jogging bra-less one time because i couldnt find a sports bra right when i needed it (not that i really need one)
-i do not hear the word 'hockey' approximately 100 times a day from my adorable 2 year old son
-i do not let that same son run around 'nakey' while he is potty training
-nor do i travel around town with a potty seat in the trunk of the minivan
-and i certainly don't drive around town with tinkle in that potty seat
-and i absolutely don't empty that tinkle into our plants, or other random grassy places that aren't in my own yard
-i do not at all love napping
-i did not eat at least half of the 9x13 pan of spinach artichoke dip all by myself
-or the brownies, or those chocolate covered oreos. no, i didnt eat too many of those
-i did not crazily swat at a bee pestering me (in order to be a good roll model for my kids)
-and that bee definitely did not sting me, right under the eye, and it did not swell up for 2 days
-my husband did not get cut in the neck with a hockey skate last week
-i am not squeezing a garage sale into a jam packed schedule
-i have not had an amazing ride this past month
-i do not have any exciting news to share with you :)

be back sooner or later ;)


Krysty said...

You are so not bad leaving us hanging on that last "not me" comment. I have a guess and I will be waiting with baited breath!

denise said...

that was so much fun to read! and i'm just dying to know what your last comment is in reference to!!!!

Swedish Mama said...

you are a hoot

lisa said...

LOL!! This is NOT a great list!

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