beach life...

beach life.
we saw dolphins 3 or 4 days.
a few kinds of seagulls.
little bitty fish (like minnows) being swept in with the waves.

we saw a few jelly creatures... not many, but this was a pretty one.

best of all, we saw an itty bitty crab!!!
(that's lilly's hand in the picture!)

crabs are my newest thing.
i adore them :)

i was hoping to see tons of crabs all over the place, but we apparently weren't at that kind of beach. while walking back to the villa one day, lilly found this... and i was SOOO excited.

oh my... adorable!!!
enjoy this little video... including a lilly song :)

after this, only one last beach blog post... family pictures :)


Krysty said...

Love your beach posts! I'm living vicariously through them! :-) The crab was very cool. The boys would love a beach trip for the sole purpose of finding a crab!

Rorie said...

That first jelly creature is so cool looking! How fun.

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