holiday hello

Not too much longer till another Christmas is here.
My 'to-do' list is a mile long.
Thought I'd squeeze in a quick post while my machine is stitching out some Christmas gifts :)

The kids in matching PJs :)
On the couch, which is in front of the tree for baby-proofing purposes.

Dave and Lilly made gingerbread cookies.
Not sure who had more fun, Lilly or Daddy :)

A sample from our annual Christmas card photo shoot.
This pic was from the 1st of 3 sessions.
It gets more challenging every year.

Happy Holidays to you all!


Not to be out done.

Well, Lilly doesn't like being out of the spotlight.
She wanted a post of her own, so she gave me something to blog about.
So, she went and got her finger stuck. For real.
I don't think it really hurt, I think she was just scared (and mad cause I took pictures instead of helping her get unstuck.)
It lasted just long enough for me to get some pictures :)

If you couldn't tell already, click here to see what her finger is stuck in.

The best is when she said... "Mom, if that was a real kitty I might have poop on my finger." To which I replied... "If that was a real cat, you wouldn't be putting your finger in it's rear end!"

Oh, I do love this girl :)
I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Have a good week everyone!!


happy heart day!

this day last year we were taken on a wild ride.
today we celebrate 365 days of mom's new heart valve.
we love you mom!
(we sent these balloons to surprise mom at work... and wahoo for mom and dad taking pictures and emailing them to us!! im so proud. )


poor baby

cohen is 7th months old today.
and what did he get? a few things.

3 new teeth. (the 3 to left of his fang)
(he's not always this unhappy, only when we hold him down to take pictures of his 3 erupting teeth... and i think he was ready to eat too!)

and the chicken pox.

he has been surprisingly chipper, but we can tell when the medicine wears off!

well, my machine is stitching, and my sunday night TV is almost on, but i just wanted to share these pictures, as i know some of you were patiently waiting to see them :)

have a great week :) hugs to you all!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours!
I'm having a 'black' friday sale at the store... actually it's now through Saturday, check out the details here or here.

I made the BIG candy corn hat for Mr. A (the custodian) at Lilly's school. (Thanks to Daddy for being a sport in being my model!) Mr. A was wearing his hat Tuesday when I picked the kids up, so that made me smile!! The little hat was a garage sale find when Lilly was a baby...

The fang! (The pic is blurry but you get the point!) The boy now has 5 teeth (2 came in at once a few days ago)... so I had to get a picture before the other ones come in more.

Here is one of my pumpkin rolls. I think I've made about 12 this season :)

The kids... this morning!

Happy Turkey Day!


a post for me!

when cohen was born we got the most adorable burp cloth with his name embroidered on it. as soon as i saw it, i wanted to be able to make my own.

well, i did something special for myself.
i bought myself a 'little' toy.

welcome to my new hobby!
hope you enjoy :)

the princess herself.
modeling a shirt she helped design.

pillowcases for some special boys (a new big brother and a bday boy)

part of my first official 'order' (from my great neighbor lesley!)...
a fun little tote for a little lady.

then i had to try another as a bday gift for a dear friend!

burp cloths for every baby i know :)

may i just say how cute they are??

the next several pics are gifts i made for twins :)
i took lots of combination pictures, just because i think they are too darling.

ok. that's it for now, but you know i'll be sharing more :)
and of course, i'll take orders ;)
(i'm working on a 'price list' for those interested.)



deja vu

as soon as i took these pictures of cohen, i immediately remembered some i had taken of lilly.

funny, huh?!?

i showed lilly her pics, and she was actually whining and in tears saying "no mama! tell the truth. that's not me. that's cohen."

i think i finally convinced her :)



this is dave's very cool pumpkin :)
it won him 2nd prize at his office's pumpkin contest :)

our family on trick-or-treat night!

the little man loves to stand...

here cohen models a onesie embroidered by mommy :)

hope everyone enjoyed the time change!
its always intersting to see how the kids react.

what did i do with the extra hour? (that i can remember)

-went to an 'embroidery party' (i have a new toy... )

-made 2 pumpkin rolls (after making my 1st one ever on saturday with our neighbor!)
-folded 4 loads of laundry
-made pumpkin soup

-made 2 trips to meijer

now ill try to stay up to watch my normal sunday nigh TV. sleep may be more appetizing.

have a great week everyone!


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween...
from Pippi Longstocking,
and her little monkey, Mr. Neilson :)


goodness me.

i havent posted in almost a month.
life is busy.
here are some recent pics.


check it out.

-check out what dave (and a team at his office) helped with a few weekends ago.


-check out a BIG sale over at Mandarin Pixie.



quick pics

no time to write... but here are some pics :)



so, ive had a really rough week.
just down in the dumps, and finding it real hard to get back to my 'normal' self. having a hard time knowing what my 'normal' self is really.

but... 2 things did make me smile big yesterday.

1. flowers from my sister
2. a 220 quantity box of my favorite diapers for $17.11 (that comes to less than 8 cents a diaper... and those of you who buy diapers know what an awesome steal that is!! and those of you who know how cheap i am know how happy that makes me!!)

hey... you have to find happiness where you can ;)


to blog or not to blog.

im having thoughts of giving this blog the boot.
just too much going on right now.
anywho... here are some pics.
i have hundreds of pics that need sorted, and printed, and filed, or scrapped.
i also have laundry to do, and bills to pay.... and sleep. yes sleep is nice.

the little man in the bumbo. a very cool seat.

the tall skinny boy @ 4 months old.
12 lbs. 12.5 oz
25 inches long
he has a tooth already. yes, a tooth. the little catfish boy.

our big girl on her first day of preschool.
i was doing well till we walk in her room, and about 2 minutes later she says "mom? when are you going to leave?" well thanks sweetie... i wasn't going to cry but now i might have to.

and one of the 2 of them :) they look a bit related... i think.

love them. love them. love them.

thats all for now, happy weekend everyone!

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